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  • I've updated my profile but no changes are visible in profile browser!

    Since we don't want vulgar language or photos in profiles, every change you made has to be approved by ElvenRunes admin. Be patient, generally your profile will be moderated and updated in a few hours.

  • Do I have to list all MUME characters of mine in profile?

    No. We respect character separation rule and don't force anyone listing his/her chars in profile. Even more, by default every new char you add has a 'hidden' flag set and won't be visible to public.

  • Hey, I don't want my profile to be visible/linked!

    Easy, just hide it. Note that every new profile is hidden by default and player has to enable it explicitly.

  • I cannot upload my picture :(

    Make sure size of picture is less than 500kb. Following image formats are supported: png, jpg, gif, bmp

  • What HTML tags can I use in profiles?

    Generally all HTML tags you supply are filtered out. But in description textareas following tags are allowed:

    <B>bold text
    <LI>item indicator for lists
    <OL>ordered list
    <UL>unsorted list
    <A>Hyperlink, for example
    <A href=''>My Homepage!</A>
    No other arguments except "href" are allowed

    If you have no idea about HTML or what we are talking about, do not use the features described above!, 2002, View Site Credits. Give us your Feedback.