August 19, 2001

Greetings once again fellow adventurers. For my delay in speaking with you this week, I hope you will accept my humble apologies. Back to Tale-telling we venture today. Some more tips to make your tale come alive in the minds of your listeners.

  • Ensure you set the scene to begin.... ' The snow flakes were falling and the wind icy as we set forth from the Havens. My companions numbered three, an noble elven healer, a mighty dwarven warrior (scared of nothing was he) and another Elven mage, much likened to myself. The dawn was nigh breaking as we rode through the gates. We waited anxiously for day, for reports were on the wind of terrible evil ones lurking along our paths.........' and so would continue the tale.
  • Speak always in the first person if you were involved in the tale at any stage (i.e. use I, we, us). If you weren't involved in the story tell the tale using the speech that will draw your friends in most effectively. One way is to speak as though your audience was watching the scenes unfold (i.e. use phrases such as 'You see the man come towards you' .. ensure you use present tense for this type of tale, you can't tell a person what they have seen in the past but you can direct their imaginations in the present). Some people are drawn in more by assuming you were watching from afar (i.e. use phrases such as 'They did this and that'.. most fiction is written this way and it works for Tales too. Note that you need to decide whether you know of all things happening in other parts of the world or whether you follow only a small group of people, oblivious to other events. )
  • Make pauses in your dialogue . People will always wonder what will happen next. Though don't take too many or too long a pause or you may not have such a keen audience for your next tale.
  • Use emotes and actions to show your feelings at appropriate times. For example. I may tell the events of a gruesome defeat where a friend was slaughtered. I will always take the time between lines of words to show my grief..... emote bows her head recapturing the awful scene. Tears well in her eyes and trickle gently down her cheeks.
  • Please be sure to finish your tale . If time is limited, tell an edited version or wait for another more relaxed time. There are few things more frustrating than an unfinished tale.

Now you have all the ideas I know for transfixing your audience as you tell your tale. Take the time to share with some friends an adventure in this way. Remember to log it and post it here so we can all enjoy it. Or send it to me at nd I may add it here. Next time I hope to write something on role-playing in Battle. Please send your ideas through for this too!

Fare ye well,

Einalem Lothinya