August 7, 2001

I write once again to share some of my limited wisdom, hopefully enabling you to continue in your journeys as a true part of Middle Earth.

  • I am so eager to share with you about tale-telling but before I do I must bring up a few things that some have commented on. *blush*
    I have mentioned the importance of reading the Lord of the Rings and the Silmarillion.  I was very amiss however in not mentioning The Hobbit *blush*.  This is a great book for gaining an introductory insight into hobbit and dwarven behaviour and customs.  It also contains a history of the One Ring, and as such is invaluable for all people and particularly you hobbits and dwarves desiring to fully immerse yourself in the ways of Middle Earth.
    I was also corrected about Galadriel's speech.  It is formal rather than Ol' English.  I am told that Ol' English would not be understood at all by many in the present world.
  • Now it is time for me to speak of my heart's greatest love: A good Tale!  As I have wandered Middle Earth I have heard many a marvellous tale.  The Storyteller at the Prancing Pony Inn tells a good tale, though he does waffle on a bit.  I find one of the best tales can be heard by either the Young Dwarf or the Elven Shepherdess in the regions north of Forlond.  Their tale of the Nirnaeth Arnoediad or Battle of Unnumbered Tears truly touches my heart every time I hear it.  The reminder of that tragic historical battle with the loss of so many of the great ones is a painful experience.  But an experience that every noble and caring soul must be bold enough to bare.  You may find others in towns or thereabouts that can tell a good yarn.  Be sure to take the time to listen to them, they hold a great wealth of historical knowledge and legend.
  • Another marvellous way to gain the wealth of other's experiences is by reading the Tales Board (InCharacter board).  I think there is one in every town.  I know of the one in the Spicy Swordfish Inn in Harlond, on the top floor of the Last Homely Home, in the Common Room in the Prancing Pony Inn and the Dining Hall of the Crown of Arnor Inn  in Fornost.  On these boards are pinned tales written by any in Middle Earth who care to share a tale with others.  You will get an insight into what people feel as they battle a hoary ol' willow tree or a ferocious pack of wolves ravaging the Shire or even as they are slain in battle or cold blood.  You also are able to pin up a tale of your own on this board... so give it a try, let us all share your triumphs or tribulations and your joys or jealousies.
  • You can also tell a tale to a group of friends as you sit about a fireplace or campfire.  Make sure you gather a good wine or cup of coffee, whatever suits your style, and a few munchies, try the candy from the hobbit children's hideout (that is a favourite of mine *blink*, though I do need to watch the waistline).  An example of such an experience I have had was with Critos, Bethos, Lisse, Londriel and myself a while ago now (beginning of July real life).  This was one of my favourite times (a log was posted a while back from this session by Londriel). 

I am definitely becoming like the Storyteller in Bree, waffling on.  I may continue a bit more on this next week, but I shall surprise you.  Please keep comments, logs, suggestions or questions coming:  email to Thank you kindly friends, and may you find a good tale to tell.

Einalem Lothinya