July 31, 2001

A couple more tips for those seeking to truly Awaken in Middle earth. Last week I mentioned developing a personality for your character. This week let us expand this idea.

  • A tremendous part of becoming a part of Middle Earth is to ensure you have feelings and expressions and more importantly that you use these. The emote command is designed for this. If a fellow comrade or friend has been defeated show a sense of mourning and loss. They were a friend and companion. Just think how you would feel if it were to happen in real life. It matters not that they shall be reborn from the Halls of Mandos, they were defeated all the same. Likewise, if you manage a tremendous victory over a dreadful foe - CELEBRATE! The loot they carry is not nearly as important as the joy and pride you should feel after performing so well in battle. Though I am the first to admit that there are places I would rather not tarry once the foe has been slain. In such circumstances gather what you can and go to a safe place to party! Bring out the wine or beer and roast duck, crank up the music with a lute or flute and have a feast. All these ideas can be padded out and built up with the emote command. Make it real, show your true feelings.
  • MUME has a number of social interactions you can use, for example: smile, laugh, poke, tickle, whistle, punch, etc. Become familiar with the range of socials that are available and use them. However, some of these are rather inappropriate for certain kinds of personalities. One in particular that I find I can not use is the grin command. I am a truly helpful and goodly person so the thought of grinning evilly does not sit well with me. So it is that I set an alias for grin so that I have a mischievous grin that gives a slight twinkle in my eye. There are a number of other social commands that I have adapted with aliases to suit my personality. I no longer laugh obnoxiously and I can sing without making you cower on the floor.
  • Continuing on from changing social actions I recommend you make full use of aliases . Develop different aliases to allow actions and feelings to be portrayed that are not covered in the socials. I frequently skip about excitedly and I love to tug on my dwarven friends beards. *grins mischievously*
  • Roleplaying (the art of appearing as if you are your character living in the land of Middle Earth  as if it is reality.) is for enjoyment.  As Londriel so wisely pointed out to me "Respect each others roleplay and do not try to force another to roleplay the way you want. Roleplay only works if all participants play together, with each other rather than against each other."
  • Also an appropriate greeting goes a long way to showing others that you have awakened in Middle Earth. For example, dwarves will generally make their services available to you and your family as part of their greeting and introduction. Hobbits are often a little flustered when new people are about, particularly elves.

I think that is more than enough for this week. Next week I want to share with you something about tale-telling! I love to tell and hear tales so I look forward to being able to help you Awaken in Middle-Earth.

Remember to send me logs of interesting role-play sessions you have had. Likewise send me comments or suggestions to einalem@elvenrunes.com.

Fare ye well

Einalem Lothinya.