November 12, 2001

Greetings Everyone!

Have you ever come across a situation in Middle Earth where someone is speaking gobbeldeegook to you?
I know I had my fair share when I was a knee-high to a troll, before I learned any of the foreign languages. I believe this is one of the great things about MUME! A way to separate opposing races, as they should be, and yet, through the ability to learn some other racial languages, create a bond across those races that should have an in-character ability to do so. In saying this though I must also say that there is plenty of room to incorporate further language use into roleplay.... and this is what I wish to talk about today!
There are many phrases used by individual races which other races understand. Such things as Baruk Khazad! Khazad aimenu! (Axes of the dwarves! The Dwarves are upon you!) or A Elbereth! Gilthoniel! (a blessing to Elbereth Star-kindler) . These words are most often spoken with the language set to westron yet typed as they are here. This is necessary to do in MUME, because if you spoke such phrases in Khuzdul or Quenyan then others not knowing such languages would see gobbeldeegook and not what you actually intend to say, hence it loses its power and emotion. Likewise, if you switched your language to your native tongue , e.g. Khuzdul for the Baruk Khazad, but typed the translation, i.e. Axes of the Dwarves, then others would still see the gobbeldeegook and those of your own race have once again lost the emotion and power.
So we have to compromise, as I mentioned most of us do, by speaking westron for such important phrases which you need to have in a native tongue but which all races need to be able to appreciate.
Enough said on that. I wish now to give you some further phrases and words which you can use in this way to make your roleplay come alive. Please note that I will be dealing with Elvish mostly because Tolkien himself did the most work with this language.
First to note is that Quenyan is never spoken publicly (or privately) in Middle Earth for fear of offending. The exception to this is for songs and prayers, such as Frodo's greeting to the Elves in the Shire 'Elen sila lumenn' omentielvo, a star shines on the hour of our meeting.' or Galadriel's Namarie, poem of farewell to the fellowship in LotR.
Sindarin phrases or words that you may wish to incorporate into your roleplay (with other elves, because remember other races won't know what you are speaking about IC'ly even if you speak Westron for such phrases.)

Mae govannen Hello, literally 'well met'
Namarie (quenyan) Good-bye (refer to the poem in Farewell to Lorien, Bk 1 LotR by Galadriel)
Mellon Friend, plural Mellyn
Elleth Maiden
Edhel Elf
Adan Man
Perian Hobbit
Menelvagor A constellation (lit. swordsman of the heavens), a good one to flatter!!
Meltha Beloved (for any in a romance!!!)

Khuzdul is a secret language known only to the dwarves and used only in the presence of dwarves. Little is recorded of it. The main phrase being mentioned above but note some other key words:

Tarag Beard
Uzbad Lord
Mahal Maker (Aule)

The Black Speech , language of the Evil ones, is recorded only in the script found on the One Ring:
'Ash nazg durbatuluk, ash nazg gimbatul, ash nazg thrakatuluk agh burzum-ishi krimpatul' *shiver* Other words to note:

Gul Any servant of Sauron's Will.
Skai and Sha Expression of contempt
Snaga Slave
Shaku Old man

Well enough for one sitting. I encourage to look up some of the sites I have mentioned before concerning languages (first column). Also refer to . This is a great site but VERY technical.
Take the time to use some phrases in your native tongue! It adds so much to the atmosphere! Being greeted with a 'Mae govannen, mellon' truly lifts the spirit. And I imagine that an evil one spiiting a 'Skai' into your face as you try to hack him to pieces would not be very pleasant *cringe*.
Thanks for coming back again! I look forward to having an adventure with any who care to come along for the roleplay ride!!!
If you have any questions or you wish to make a comment or request please mail me at

Namarie Mellyn!
Einalem Lothinya.