September 16, 2001

My greetings to you all. Before I start on my blurb for today I wish to thank you for your kind comments on the log of Buran's tale. I was greatly encouraged and hope to see your involvement in getting more of this type of log posted.

I was puzzled as to what to share with you today. I was thinking much about why we would wish to immerse ourselves and Awaken in Middle Earth. So why do we? What intrigue is there in 'roleplaying'? This day I wish to share with you what my thoughts are in answer to these questions.

  • Firstly, Middle Earth has been created and written about as though it truly exists in every aspect. From its creation in the Ainulindale and Eru's forming of the Children of Iluvatar (the elves) and men, through the history of wars which shaped the world to the final banishment of evil in the War of the Ring. Every detail of Ea was intricately woven to make somewhere that you could escape to, somewhere that took your mind from reality into fantasy and could keep you there. The creatures, the people, the landscape, the flowers and trees, such things were described so well that you read... and then you see, at least in your mind's eye. 
  • Secondly, if just reading about such a place draws you into it then how much greater the effect if you act as though you are/were there. To stand among those trees, to see those snow-covered peaks, to ride one of those horses, to follow that person, to feel the depth of darkness and evil... what an awesome experience! How can you not want to be there and be a part of it?  
  • Thirdly, Awakening in Middle Earth gives the implied state of being asleep to start with. Through roleplay you can figuratively put to sleep your real life and become whatever and whoever you wish to be. You have an escape and a freedom beyond belief!! Personally, the life of motherhood vanishes and I feel as though I rise up and become the elegant, noble elven lady or a stocky, stout dwarf I play. No hindrances or boundaries, no responsibilities (except to a friend in need). *twirls*
  • Fourthly, the essence of roleplay is enjoyment. So many have I heard mention that their time roleplaying was more fun than most others things they have accomplished. When you slip into another's skin you can enjoy the quirks and perks of such a skin. A female dwarf with a beard is truly entertaining, the looks from men are quite a sight to see. A hobbit that barely reaches 2 foot attempting to stab a 9 foot troll and getting its shin is quite amusing (maybe not at the time but just picture it in your mind and have a chuckle). Though as a goodly person, I find nothing amusing about orcs or corrupted Numenoreans but I am sure among themselves they have reason for many a laugh.
  • Lastly, roleplay takes away the pressure of 'regular' game play. The endless hunt and slaughter to become more powerful can become tiresome and even depressing when defeated, especially for trolls meeting the sunlight, who lose everything. When all things are dealt with in a roleplay atmosphere even the sourest defeat is seen as the topic for the next tale rather than a loss of 'x' many hours of 'work'.

These are my thoughts and my reasons for wanting to Awaken in Middle Earth. I hope you feel the same, and if you don't then I sincerely hope that sometime you take a moment to look about the world you wander and realise that you can become a part of it and benefit from the escape. Please keep comments, logs and suggestions coming. Email me at .

Kindest wishes,

Einalem Lothinya