September 2, 2001

As promised some ideas for immersing yourself into a battle. These ideas can apply in any battle. I do understand that a battle with the opposite side of the War can be quite a rush and you may find roleplaying in these situations a little difficult but I encourage everyone to adopt some of these ideas.

  • First of all if you wish to have a group to help you in battle ensure you ask them in an appropriate, if not polite, manner and do NOT say 'wanna xp' *shiver*. Some phrases you may use instead:
    'I am seeking a companion to journey forth with me, would you care to come?'
    'I hear the sound of a distant battle, would you join me in standing against the rising evil?'
    'Would you accompany me on a hunt?'
    'Me axe is getting cold, come and we'll warm it up a lil'
    'Erg.. blood... spell it? We go find it and make more?'
    (well maybe corny but you get the idea I hope)
    The are a multitude of ways to ask for company, be creative and truthful. If you only want to go to get some item of equipment say so to begin. Most people I know would be happy to help you wrestle an item from a foe if asked appropriately, even a grumpy ol' dwarf or wretched orc can have manners.
  • Develop a way of entering battle that would cause you foe to be intimidated. For example, have a battle cry if you are a dwarf, a horn cry if a man (such as Boromir did in his final hour), a call upon Elbereth if an elf and for a hobbit... *ponder* well you will think of something. The same holds true for the evil races. Orcs are a vicious race and should portray this as entering battle. Trolls are just a bit daft and always thinking of their stomach, if it can't be eaten why bother killing it! They should launch into battle claiming their foe to be dinner (or breakfast if that time of day). For a Black Númenórean maybe the cry of the Lord of Nazgûl would be terrifying enough ' 'This is my hour. Do you not know Death when you see it? Die now and curse in vain!' And with that he lifted high his sword and flames ran down the blade. '(LotR, Book III Chapter IV). Once again I use Londriel as one of my favourite examples. As a fight begins he almost always cries out 'A Elbereth Gilthoniel!', and his sword become a blur before him as he dances into battle. Just a note... if you play a scout or assassin forget battle cries they will kind of spoil the whole surprise *grin*. 
  • Going on from battle cries you may wish to consider calling your companions to join you in arms. 'Forth Eorlingas' or 'Arise, arise, Riders or Rohan! Fell deeds awake: fire and slaughter!.....' etc. etc. These are of course famous Rohirrim cries. But make one for your own race.
  • During battle a simple grin, howl or OUCH! goes a lot towards showing that you are deeply involved in the fight, and it doesn't take much to do such things.
  • Finally, once the battle is over, won or lost, show your delight or sorrow. 'emo looks about at the carnage and the grim faces of her friend/s left standing. Her heart is filled with sorrow for the loss of some dear to her.' or 'emo breathes in deeply, and lets out a howl of triumph as she claims Victory!'
  • All these ideas are simple to make aliases for and take only a short while to set up and with practise will become habit in any fight.

If you would like further information or help with any aspect of roleplaying or if you have comments, logs or tales I am really keen for you to contact me at May the blessings of the Ainur uphold you and guide you ever more.

Einalem Lothinya