30th September, 2001

This fortnight I have included a log of a fun time a few of us had recently. I'll point out before hand some aspects that were done well in a roleplay environment. Our aim of this time was to have some fun so it isn't the best roleplaying you will find. Also there is no fight and no tale so if you are seeking that type of thing then look elsewhere, this is 'flowersniffing' in full swing.

The scene is that a group of us, myself, Kaylin, Eresse and Drul, decided to go somewhere to tell a tale. Needless to say we got a little side-tracked before the tale began.

You will observe that Drul fitted into a dwarven character very aptly, a love for a good strong beer and for this particular dwarf a hatred of water. Eresse shows his love of the beach which he has always spoken of a fondness for. The interaction between characters shows of a good strong friendship among them and this is the case. The characters over time had become good friends and though Einalem is the only elf, she has learned through her life that all races can be accepted as friends.

Well sit back and enjoy. I'll make a comment again at the end.

* W CMana:Burning>time
According to the Sindarin calendar, it is:
Orbelain, the 23rd of Nórui, Year 2903 of the Third Age.
Daylight is shining outside.
Real time is Mon Sep 17 21:08:26 2001 GMT.
Last reboot due to manual reboot at Mon Sep 17 20:21:39 2001 GMT

* WC>say Not here my friends let us find somewhere with a more pleasant view.
Drul clambers on his feet.

Eressė stops resting, and clambers on his feet.

Drul nods solemnly.

Eressė says 'for sure'

Drul says 'with a good beer !'

Eressė chuckles at Drul.

Eressė smiles happily.

Drul says 'don't like beer ?'

Eressė says 'im afraid you'll find only elven beer here'

Eressė cringes in terror!

* WC>growl

Drul smirks.

Drul says 'let's go green dragon so !'

Eressė laughs with all his heart.

* WC>say Nah the beach .. I like the beach.

Drul nods solemnly.

* WC>Ok. Eressė says 'i'd prefer vine.'

Eressė says 'yeah !'

Drul says 'elven vine is decent'

* WC>w
Seagull Inn
A large bulletin board is mounted on a wall here.
Eldinor the owner and bartender of the Seagull Inn is serving drinks here.
An elven lamplighter is resting here.
Exits: East Up.
Eressė has arrived from the east.
Drul has arrived from the east.
Kaylin has arrived from the east.

* WC>li
You can buy:
1. a pastry for 7 busc
2. a cup of tea for 6 buscv 3. a small bottle of whisky for 60 busc
4. a bottle of beer for 60 busc

* W C>
Eressė says 'my dear beach !!!!!!!'

* W C>
Eressė bounces around.

Eressė dances for the sheer joy of it.

Eressė hops around looking rather silly.

* WC>say Hmm no wine for sale.
* WC>gig
You giggle.

* W C> Eressė says 'long time no seen'

Drul says 'beach is near water ...'

* WC>Oh well, we will have to stay sober.
Kaylin is an abstainer
Drul smirks.

Ok. * WC>gig
You giggle.
Eressė says 'sure, we shall.'

Drul says 'nah'

<<< We run to the beach just south of Harlond>>>>

* WC>Sandy Beach
Exits: North South.
Eressė has arrived from the north.
Drul has arrived from the north.
Kaylin has arrived from the north.

Eressė starts to gather wood for a campfire.

Drul shivers uncomfortably.

* WC>smile
You smile happily.
* WC>say What is the ma
A warm fire lights the place.
* WC>tter Drul?
Kaylin sits down and rests.

Drul says 'don't let me come to near of that ....'

Eressė sits on the white sand.

Drul says 'the ...'

Eressė sits down.

* WC>sigh drul
You shake your head and sigh to him.
Drul says 'water ...'

Drul sits down.

Eressė stops using a longsword.

<<< I sack a in them put and staff eket, myremoved>>>>

* WC>rem boots
You stop using a pair of smooth, black boots.
* WC>put boots sack
You put a pair of smooth, black boots in a large sack.
Drul says 'my nose please !'

<<<< I never knew my feet smelled....obviously Drul has a good sense of smell.>>>>

* WC>say Hold this then please Drul.
* WC>emo shoves the sack under Drul 's nose
Drul thanks you heartily.

* WC>give sack drul

* WC>emo runs to the water edge and dives in clothes and all.
* WC>emo splashes about frolicking i
Drul make some wind with the sack.
* WC>n the water.
Drul sighs loudly.

Drul shivers uncomfortably.

Drul says 'you are ... '

Drul says 'WET !'

Drul sighs loudly.

* WC>howl
You howl triumphantly.

* WC>emo yells fro
Eressė turns himself toward the sea.
* WC>m the water 'That is the idea Drul'

Eressė beams a light smile.

* W C> Eressė stands suddenly up.

Drul cannot believe that people could bear such a terrible thing

* WC>emo duckdives under the water and comes up wi
Eressė stops using a thin pair of soft leather boots.

* WC>th a magnificent
Eressė stops using a metal wall shield.

* WC>shell.

<<<< Why I never said anything more about this shell I picked up I can't explain... was a lost opportunity for further roleplay discussion.>>>>

* W C>
Eressė puts a pan in a large sack.
Eressė puts a walking stick in a large sack.
Eressė puts a ticket for a pack horse in a large sack.
Eressė puts a lute in a large sack.
Eressė puts a lantern in a large sack.
Eressė puts a lantern in a large sack.
Eressė puts a ticket for a trained horse in a large sack.
Eressė puts a delicious bannock in a large sack.
Eressė puts a delicious bannock in a large sack.
Eressė puts a receipt for a cave-bear fur in a large sack.
Eressė puts a longsword in a large sack.
Eressė puts a thin pair of soft leather boots in a large sack.
* WC>emo yells out ' Come and join me my friends'
You are hungry.

Eressė drops a large sack.

Drul shakes his head.

<<<< Drul still unwilling to be part of the swimming>>>>

* W C> Eressė runs in the water.

* WC>emo grabs Eresse and tried to dunk him under.. but gets dunked in
Eressė laughs.

* W Cstead.
* WC>emo comes up spluttering.
Eressė helps einalem out.

Eressė laughs softly.

Eressė says 'Einieeee...'

* WC>emo splashes water at Eresse.

Eressė frowns, then begin to laugh.

* WC>grin
emo shows a mischievious little grin, you see the twinkle in her eye.

Drul hides his eyes behind his tough hands.

* W Cemo yells out
Eressė bounces on Einalem.

* W C> to the shore 'Drul don't be so scared'

* WC>peer eresse
You peer closely at him, trying to figure him out.

* WC>say Watch it I am not that
Eressė looks at Drul.

* WC>strong

Ok. You fall down laughing.

Eressė laughs with all his heart.

* WC>emo falls over and once again goes under the water.
Eressė looks at his feet.

Eressė says 'uups'

Eressė looks innocent.

* WC>emo swims under the water then tackles the legs from under %Eresse.
Drul yell to water'BUT YOU ARE WET !'

Eressė takes her out of water.

Eressė says 'my apologies.'

Eressė beams a smile with something like arch in eyes.

* WC>emo
Drul points his finger at Eressė and laughs obnoxiously.

Eressė says 'awwww !'

* WC>laug
emo holds her tummy as she laughs in uncontrollable fits.
Eressė frowns.

* WC>say All in good fun
Eressė swim away.

* WC>my friend.
* W C>
A seagull has arrived from the south.
A seagull stares at the light...
A seagull panics, and attempts to flee.
A seagull leaves north.
* WC>sniff
You sniff sadly. *SNIFF*
Eressė stops swiming.

* WC>emo watches the seagulls come and go.
Drul says 'water and no beer ...'

<<< Agony for a dwarf!!>>>>

* WC>emo wades throu
Drul shakes his head.
* WC>gh the water and gives %Eresse a big squeeze.
Eressė feels something strange touching his legs.

* W C>
Eressė cringes in terror!

* W C> comf Eresse
You comfort him.
Drul giggles.

Kaylin splashes about in the water, laughing heartily.

* WC>say Probably just a fish Eresse.
* WC>clap kaylin
You clap for her.
Eressė shivers uncomfortably.

Drul says 'kaylin are you MAD ?'

* WC>emo jumps on %Kaylin trying to climb on her shoulders.
Drul says 'it is water !'

Eressė says 'probably...'

Eressė looks in the water with defiance.

Drul says 'yerk !'
* WC>emo falls off and splashe
Eressė splashes all around, and especially on Einalem and Kaylin.

* WC>s everyone!
Drul gets a pork-pie from a large sack.

Eressė cant stop laughing.

Drul says 'anyone want ?'

* WC>emo begins to run to the shore.
* WC>yell
Drul eats a pork-pie.
* WC>Yes please Drul.
* W C> Eressė get out the water.

Drul gets a pork-pie from a large sack.

* WC>say Yes please Drul I am famished.

Ok. Drul gives you a pork-pie.

* W C> Drul smiles happily.

Eressė sits close to the fire.

* WC>thank Drul
You thank Drul heartily.

* WC>emo cuddles her wet clothes about her and moves cl
Drul says 'water makes you hungry'
* WC>ose to the fire.
* WC>nod dr
Eressė lets happily the flames warms his body.
* WC>ul
You nod in agreement with him.
Drul says 'water is worst than hell !'

Eressė beams a smile at Drul.

* WC>emo has a nibble of
Drul shivers uncomfortably.

* W C> the pie and finds it very tasty!
Eressė says 'well, we are all alive and happy.'

* WC>emo yells out to Kaylin '
Saving Einalem.

* WC>Coem ashore again Kay
Eressė winks at Drul.

* WC>lin.
* WC>nod eresse
You nod in agreement with him.
* WC>You are already standing.
* WC>skip
emo skips about in youthful excitement!!!
Ok. * WC>rest
A seagull has arrived from the north.

Drul says 'much better than those awfull mushies.'

You sit down and rest your tired bones.

Kaylin gets a delicious bannock from a leather backpack.

Kaylin eats a delicious bannock.

* WC>eat pie
You eat the pie.
Eressė lies down, hands under the head.

* WC>emo realises that %Eresse is in a prime tickle position.
Drul says 'hum so sad we don't have a good beer ...'
* WC>emo moves towards %Eresse with
Drul falls down laughing.

* W C> wiggling finger
Eressė looks at the sky. A small smile enlight his face.

* WC>s and..... TICKLES!!!!
Eressė cant read into Einalem's mind.

* WC>tick e
Eressė gasps in astonishment.
* WC>resse
You tickle Eressė.
* WC>grin emo shows a mischievious little grin, you see the twinkle in her eye.

* W C> Eressė clambers on his feet.

* W C> Eressė staggers about the room clumsily.

Eressė falls down laughing.

* WC>emo holds her tummy as she laughs in uncontrollable fits.
* W C> Drul begin to put some sand on eresse trying to bury him.

* WC>gig
You giggle.
* WC>clap Eressė fidgets.

* WC>drul You clap for him.

* W C> Eressė laughs.

<<<< We then proceed to get back to the tale telling. The log of the Lonely Giant tale has been posted on this site.>>>>

I hope from this log that you can see how much fun roleplaying can be. It doesn't have to be serious or involve a battle of some sort. Roleplay in MUME is enjoying Tolkien's world as though you live there. That encompasses every facet of life. From the mundane grocery shopping or culling of deer, through enjoying a party with friends, to fighting for your life in a battle with the the other side of the War. I don't have much involvement with the war myself (playing from an Australian link is part of the reason for that) but you can be involved in roleplay and the war, I have seen it!

This maybe my last column, but feel free to mail any comments, suggestions or requests for information to me at einalem@elvenrunes.com

Thank you and remember to get away from the everyday with a roleplay session a day.