The Coming of the Elves
(Summaries of The Silmarillion: Quenta Silmarillion)

Greetings to thee, traveller upon fair Arda!

I wish to tell the tale of the coming of the Elves, fairest of creatures, and the beginning of the long battle against the evil called Morgoth.

As the Firstborn of Eru awakened, they walked under the stars and made speech, giving names to everything they saw. They named themselves "Quendi", those that speak with voice. The Valar upon finding them were filled with wonder.

Wishing to protect the Firstborn, the Valar finally faced Morgoth. Tulkas, champion of the Valar wrestled with the evil one and prevailed, Morgoth was brought to Valinor in chains! Three ages he was to abide in the vast prison of Mandos, before he could plead for pardon. Sauron, a corrupted Maia in service of Morgoth, could not be found. Yet one of the most vile deeds could not be prevented. Elves that had been ensnared by Melkor were slowly corrupted and enslaved, and thus from their own have come their most bitter foes: Yrch!

Even as he was sealed away, the Valar still did not trust to keep the Quendi in Middle-Earth, and wished their company. Yet only having seen the wrath of the Valar in the war, the Quendi were reluctant and three great elves were sent: Ingw of the Fair Elves, the Vanyar; Finw of the Noldor, the wise Deep Elves and Elw of the Teleri, the Sea Elves.

Swayed by the majesty of the Valar and the desire for the light of the Trees, these three kings returned to their people and encouraged their people to travel. Thus the Eldar began their journey to the Blessed Realms.

Not all Elves crossed towards the realms of the Valar although, and thus here their story splits.

Elw, leading the Teleri was joined by his brother Olw to lead the people, as the Teleri was the greatest host. Elw himself found the Maia Melian, more wise, more fair and more skilled, whom filled his heart with desire. Elw ,now called Elu Thingol, became king of the Sindar, with Melian as his queen and dwelt in Menegrorth, in Doriath. Of their love the fairest of the Children of Ilvatar would come into the world, yet that is another tale.

Failing to find Elw, the rest of the Teleri took Olw as their king and joined their brothers at last.

Of the Noldor... wisest of all Elves there is much to tell, and the time has come to end this tale. Soon I shall return and enlighten thee of the story of Feanr, the Silmarils and the unchaining of Melkor.

This feature was written by Naga.