October 8, 2001 - Below the Ruins of Fornost (Kraken's Tale)

Not long ago, I heard the story, which I will now tell you even though it makes me shiver every time I think of it. It takes place near the city of Fornost in the north where Dunadains recide and which was once their glorious capital. If you have ever heard the story of Fornost, you would know that there is a part of the city which were never rebuilt after the Witch-king of Angmar destroyed most of the city. And if you have ever visited the city and wandered west of the guarding palisade, you will know that it is not a place of good, nor a place where one would want to stay for long. However, it is rumoured that great treasures and forgotten weapons are to be found in the ruins, which have tempted and cost more than one bold adventurer his life.

The story begins as so many others in Bree at the famous Prancing Pony Inn. A small group of friends were gathered - and a strange group too, one could say. Two warriors, a Rohir Eressė and a Dwarf, Kaylin - a Half-Elf with the gift of healing, Luininu and a two Elves, Tiamat and Einalem, of the Noldo with powers of magic that normal people like me, do not comprehend. In any case - they were discussing a rumour that they had heard and even read about - an ancient Dunadain blade of great power which were to be found in the ruins of Fornost - and they decided to try to find this blade, despite the many people who had gone there and never returned.

They headed for the forgotten city, having prepared themselves as well as they could, not knowing exactly what they would find down below the ruins. They entered the city, feeling it's evil surround them as they walked on, ghosts and haunts peering out from every niché and evil creatures behind each door they opened. In the deepest darkness they reached black waters... They felt the piercing darkness and evil around them, knowing that some great evil lied ahead, but decided that when they had come this far, they would and could not turn back without trying. So the Elf Einalem took one of the light canoes they carried with them and she set out into the water to see what might be ahead.

The others of the group stayed behind, worried after a while that she did not return and suddenly, they all heard a scream of terror!!! She was in great danger and the others rushed after her, entering a big cavern and barely believing their eyes! They saw an increadible, frightening thing... high like 5 elves it was - with tentacles which had captured the poor Elven lady in it's grip, about to devour her. It had a ferocious intelligence in it's eyes and evilness in it's heart and just looking at it, could paralyze even the bravest and most strong of heart warrior.

They were all in rage and terror. A yell "Forth Eorlingas" was heard from Eressė while Tiamat and Luininu attacked with their deathly spells, Kaylin and Eressė with their strength and determination. The creature, which was stunned by the suddeness and let go of Einalem, who was more dead than alive - the dim light revealing her blood mendling with the dark waters. Even the powerful magic of Luininu the Healer could not save her as life left her only seconds after she had been released from the tentacles.

The group decided to retreat, feeling the power of this monster and rested where they had waited for Einalem before. Muted and sad of the loss of their friend and sorrow of not even having been able to take her body with them to give her a decent funeral. Their faces were cold of determination as they decided for revenge, knowing what they had to do. Killing it, or die trying.

Luininu called ancient powers of Arda to protect them before they once again entered the darkness, this time with anger and protectection of all good, yelling with voices like death's trumpets and blades like revenging storms. But their hearts where filled with sadness and dispair of their loss. But they were victorious! They finally managed to kill the evil beast, revenging their friend.

Standing afterwards, looking at the corpse of the mutant octopussy, which by some are called the Kraken, they recovered the body of their friend, burying her decently and they found, what they initially came for - the sword once known as Eolaie - the sword of storms. The Dunadain blade.

The End

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