September 3, 2001 - The Tale of the Ancient Noldo and his Lore
(Walking Lore)

Today, my friends, I will tell you a story that carries no great deeds, nor any monsters or evil things. But I still remember this well, because I learned something valuable. I learned about patience and endurance - and furthermore, I learned about a herblore. A magnificent herblore, I might add, which will help your legs when travelling - make them less tired. It has now helped me many times on my journeys east and southwards. Some of you probably know about this herblore and some of you might not. Here is the tale of how I came to know about it.

Sit back, listeners, and enjoy my story. A long time ago, when I was still a young (and somewhat more slender) girl, I much enjoyed travelling and exploring Arda. Many times my curiosity had nearly become fatal, and at the time of this story, I had recently been into an argument with some thieves on my way back from the evil city of Tharbad, who wanted my money - but that is another story

*Niya smiles as she drinks from her water skin*

Hence, I had a few wounds and my mood was blackened after the incident. So I decided to venture around more known areas where thieves are rare and dangers less likely. I travelled through the Shire and as I came close to my wonderful home city of Harlond, I discovered a small hunting camp near the great road. It was not easy to spot, but at that time I had learned a great deal about scouting and tracks, so I followed the almost hidden path up to the camp. It turned out that the camp was elven - and more or less permanent too - and the people there were very friendly to me, offering me seed-cakes and salad - and even a delicious honeycomb. Ah, I have a weakness for honey - I love the sweet taste and the wonderful addition it makes to the bannocks which a sweet clumsy giant once told me how to bake - but that too is another story. I ventured around the camp where I was invited and it was indeed well organised. Tents and even a little church was there. Also there was a small refuge, where Aldereon the ancient Noldo was standing. I had head about him, but never actually met him. He looked impressive indeed - and he had a faint glowing aura around him, as if he was untouchable. I wanted to show my respect for him and his kind and bowed deeply before him. He smiled to me, asking if I knew anything about herblores and soon he was telling me about the lore that I mentioned before. But he would not share how to make the magic lore with me, unless I helped him too.

Ah well, I did not mind helping an old man with playing postman for him :o) Little did I know how many letters it was exactly. He gave me a letter telling me to bring it to the priest in Forlond. I got a taste of his delicious brew, which encouraged me to deliver fast. So I rode on my pack horse to Harlond and just barely caught the ferry to Forlond from there.

Now this ferry ride is certainly worth a few lines in my tale :o) First of all, I'd like to dismiss all the rumours which have been going on about Daegil the captain and me. There is absolutely nothing between us, even though he is quite a catch ;) I just really like the ferry ride, watching the seagulls and hearing the waves splash up against the sides. What could be more relaxing than that? I once tried fishing from the ferry, but it was moving too fast, scaring all the fish away. So now I just rest and watch the sky or the sea as we move. Back to my story :o) I found the priest in Forlond and gave him the letter from Aldereon, which was still sealed securely. He mumbled something and gave me back a letter to take back to Aldereon and I just caught the ferry back to Harlond and rode back to Aldereon with the letter. He was much pleased with the fast reply and gave me another letter to deliver for him. This time, it was to a hermit in the Shire.

Now, it is not that I mind helping. But honestly - I must have delivered a total of 16 letters for him. Many of them were even to the same person. And many of them, I had to search thoroughly to find. Hermits for example, are not easy to find. Tsk! There were letters to Forlond and Harlond, Shire and Bree and even Fornost. But finally, he just smiled and said that now I had deserved to be told about the lore. And so he did :o) That is the small tale of how I learned the lore. I will not reveal the secret of it here, but some day you might meet Aldereon yourself and you can ask him then, if he is willing to teach you about the herblore. The End.

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