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A list of active/semiactive players from Australia of the Winter of 2002. 

Western: Stoofolo, Mavros, Mornian, Jila, Temagl


Southern: Fisnfel


Other:  Reefa

Queensland: Bulldozer, Faire, Nolwe, Zagor, Gamli, Seethe.

New South Wales: Artagel, Taggert, Elarawen, Ritto, Aikios, Tulkn, Dape, Cully, Kitto, Carlorn, Bristol, Fergus, Einalem, Bale

Victoria: Phaedrus, Rza, Frostie, Luininu, Leaslda



Players listed volunteered their locations on an ElvenRunes ArgleBargle. This is by no means a comprehensive list of Austrailian players.  


This feature was written by Temagl an Austrailan player.

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