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This feature is currently under the guidance of Líng and Razoor.

November 2004 - Luke

L&R Ok, this month... err time we are going to interview a notorious trapper and bugabuser - Luke. For starters, could you perhaps tell us a little bit about yourself and your life outside of MUME? (If there is such a thing..)
Luke I live in olomouc, working as an IT-manager, working very hard at the
moment to pay loans of the flat I bought.
L&R: How old are you?
Luke 27
L&R When do you think it is time to quit?
Luke Time to quit is when my eyes will be so weak that i wont see letters or my hands shaking so much i cant write
L&R You have arranged (and participated in) a lot of MUME-meetings, how is it to meet the people you interact with on the internet in real life?
Luke It can seem quite funny to non-mumers when people who never
met before, but know each others through internet so much meet i got some very good friends and most of them were very good friends of me already before we met
L&R You have been labbing with other czechs daily before,
what do you like the best - playing alone or labbing? And why?
Luke Playing with friends can be alot of fun, but sometimes playing alone
is also great. I like both
L&R And now to MUME. What brought you here? (Who the H made our lives miserable??)
Luke One guy in UNi was playing MUME and we heard from p(fero)
and p(tukanek) alot also about mume. So me elestir and 1 more guy made half-elfs self sancting warriors as that guy told us, and we got insta morgul valed. They thought we are 1 guy who made 3 chars stattig them, so we had to spam that 1 2 3 4 5 6 a b c d e f to get free.
L&R One of the most 'known' demotions in MUME's history is the
demotion of Mochomurka. We already know that you think it was unfair, but can you understand the upper management in this point of view?
Luke I can understand to their stupid limited point of view , but
that doesnt make me see it less unfair. i think it was bullshit thats all.
Razoor Nothing special for Staer?
Luke Well i think staer is kind of a toy in managements hands he doesn't know much and he just stands for their decistions, but often he is not the one who decides. Its hard to point to the 'someone' who actualy did decide.
L&R Your own words about what happened?
Luke We just digged hole , and wow we were in dt , i said ack
lets call staer , then pukes entered and was such a mess and than BAHHHH i lost 20 levels :( ok seriosly i found this out so we wanted to try it , for fun but that process after , was just full of bullshit
Razoor Was it worth it?
Luke well if i haven't done it , i would do it again as it was supposed to
happen! was too good to, not do it.


What do you think could be improved in MUME?

Luke Open zones faster , make changes faster , promote some
'good' V , A faster , remove some sucky V+A quick and make some
working justice system and let players decide more where this game will head in future.
L&R Have you ever been interested in building with your maia,
to (maybe) be able to make a difference in the game in the future?
Luke No, im more destroyer than builder..but destroying of ABR was sin, and
they will burn in hell i hope.
L&R What brings you back to the game again and again (especially after the
demotion of Mochomurka when you said that you would never play again)?
Luke friends , pk and addiction
  (Razoor gives everyone a big thumbs up).
Luke gig
Razoor (That personal trademark had to show up sooner or later)
Luke I dont wanna miss someone, Asmodeus , Reef , Lothar , Ling , Diamonium, Durcano, Focus , Kunduk , Wry and many others
L&R Least favorite?
Luke Razoor
Razoor (More lies, i tell you!)
Luke people i dont like are: Jocke, Forin , whiner Marillion and
some more.. im not gonna name every wimp :)
L&R What link do you play from, and how important is linkspeed to you?
Luke 70ms lately, but i played last 3 years from 250ms dialup before i got
ADSLand had no problems to play good on that link.
  (That one was for you Lochdale!)
Luke Though under 100 ms can let you do crazy stuff, on 250 ms link you
have to think more but still not so bad.
L&R It seems that alot of mudders play from work. Are you one of them?
Luke no more, but from previous work i had quite alot free time so i was
Razoor Why not any more? Did you die horribly?
Luke No i didnt die couse of that, but now im busy bizniz ninja as Marre.
Somtimes died couse link was horrible, not couse i had to work.
Razoor Did you yell and scream and generally annoyed your workmates?
Luke no noone could enter my office.
Razoor Good for them
Luke and me!
L&R Least favorite thing about MUME?
Luke managment!
  (That answer came in ~0.8 seconds, just for the record)
Luke they are so much affected by they power
Razoor Anyone in particular you like/dislike in the management?
Luke That revolution should come anyday! it definetly would come
long ago in some normal system I like Gothmog, Namo, Axel and last but not least Incanus.
L&R Favorite thing then?
Luke well say pk then!
L&R Favorite PK zones?
Luke we can say lb fort, as well as necro , priest , moria
L&R Favorite zone overall?
Luke well favourite zone is favourite pk zone :P Favourite zone - big indoors zone where can be nice fights.
L&R How do you feel about changes to block, and removal of many
pickable doors?
Luke well possibility of trapping was downgrated in many changes.
  Razoor comforts Luke.
Luke starting with impossibility of spam blocking , and showing
where are doors with () etc.
Razoor Is it good or bad?
Luke i think its good, im surprised it took them so long! defense was also downgraded quite alot, so my nohit chars are no more so nohit. Even Elestir died in open, thats something! Some years ago it wouldnt be possible.i say its still possible to trap, but trap shouldnt be so powerful.
So it were good changes.
L&R Have you had time to check out the new zones (Isengard),
If so, what do you think about it?
Isengard , i was there just with huge group of trolls So it took them 6 years? to open some plains, extremely slow development.
  (Cat disconnects Luke, whereupon Luke instantly throws it out)
L&R One thing that you are known for is that you are a notorious trapper
often leading A LOT of people. Why is that? You don't like fair fights?
Luke oh its not true , we are always on way to/from Balrog when
some people die to us , and say we were overkilling.
Razoor (Standard-answerTM)
Luke well, i love trapping, sometimes, and i love suicicing sometimes.
I just mix all and do what i just want to.When im waching TV , or doing something else RL, its great to portal around.
L&R So you are the 3rd person who reached level 100, do you have any idea
why 3 orcs made it to level 100 but no pukes yet?
Luke i dont see so many good , notorious players on white sides ,
all of those mostly play as main char darkie. Puke as main char play mostly wimpz and pussies, so it will take them some more time.
Razoor Why do you think pukes are wimps?
Luke couse pukes are overpowered, so only people like *CENSORED* etc play them,and whine on that darkies are overpowered.
L&R Have you ever roleplayed, or are you just into PK?
Luke i think there were few cases when there was some really RP
people around, but im mostly in PK.
L&R Last but not least, do you have any advice to give to new mumers?
Luke quit before its too late! and if its too late , dont care much what people say and have fun and enjoy game!



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