July 11, 2002   - Moving Stories  

  • I'm sure most of you have experienced the thing called 'moving' in some stages of your lives. Some more, some less. This story is about how bad can moving get, may be some of you can find some precaution and learn from others mistakes, when you'll have to move. 
  • Part I - preparing for the Move. Lets say you have lived in a rental apartment for a whole year. Everything's been nice. Not a single lightbulb broke, doorhandles are in place, all kitchen utensils run like they are new. But then comes this little shadow. Three days before the move the kitchen TV will fall off it's stand above fridge, and crash it's motherboard. You take a screwdriver to check inside, if something can be saved. Tumbling across the kitchen you loose your grip around the screwdriver, and drop it behind the oven. Now this is the time and place that one should realize something is going wrong. Like- remembering those Murphy's laws that you have read and laughed at,for thousands of times. But you just brush it off. Then you think it's a good thing to pull from the oven's door, to get it off the wall to reach your screwdriver. Giving it a good yank, you come butt down onto the kitchen floor, and voila! you also drag the oven's door off. Now your brain realizes that the situation isn't looking good. You swear for some time and pull out half of your hair in despair. Finally figuring that it's not the end of the world yet, you calm down. Then your spouse comes from the bathroom and tells you that one of the sink's water-tubes is acting freaky. You start pulling out more hair.
  • Part II- Waiting for the Move. After having all the previous incidents fixed and patched up, you worry if the apartments plants are in good shape, and if landlady will notice that one of them has half of the leaves missing (It was too dry and too much in sunlight, honest!). You start packing up things, cleaning up, scrubbing the floors... and come down with a hilarious asthma for dust. Sneezing and coughing, you rub your red-rimmed eyes and continue your work; afterall- moving has to be done. You get a ton of cardboard boxes, and fill them with your things. With looking at your old photographs you waste a few hours for the memories, then wake from the days of the past and continue. After all boxes are full, you tape them shut. While taking the cardboard boxes off to another room, you notice you forgot to write labels on the boxes and that now you have no idea what is in which box. Ah well, too late!  
  • Part III- The Move You call the landlord and agree to give away the keys, and the apartment. She comes in and immediately starts yelling- the apartment is still full of your boxes and she doesn't understand that the moving car comes in four hours. Nor of the fact that there's been a small misunderstanding with it, and those four hours really ain't that bad. You swallow the insults and ask her to return a little later, hoping you're away and gone by the time she gets back. Even write a goodbye letter that you intend to leave at the hall's table including the keys. The moving truck arrives and you sweat like a pig while you carry all you own, into the truck. Having nothing much else than a baby's crib and a few 'puters, you wonder where the hell did you get all this trash. In the meantime, landlord returns and starts observing what you do, sneaking around the rooms and checking for the dustballs under the rugs. As you carry out your TV, she pulls you to the halt and asks:" Were the hell are you going with MY tv?". Slowly pointing her to the livingroom's tv-stand, you sneak off, hoping to never return. When all is clean and your stuff in the truck, you sigh with a relief and drive away. Include bitching and swearing about all the incidents in the car, for the whole ride to the new place.
  • Part IV - The Afterplay As you are already nicely set in your new place, you think it all came to a good end, after all. Only thing that draws you back to your old place, is the alarm system that the company wants to get out, to install it to your new home. Calling to confirm the date and time, your landlord suddenly says that you broke 2 of her door's locks. After having not used them at all, you find it kind of hard to believe, and struggle back. The conversation comes down to threatening to not let the security company in. Knowing it's total blackmail, you agree to meet the lady next day, to talk about it. Will this leave you trapped there, or the alarm system trapped.. is yet to see. Over and out.
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