June 13, 2002
  • Mume has yet reached another step that has not done before: Norsu has finally reached level 100. Currently it seems that besides the old promised coke from the management, there is little more for him to gain. So far his exp is done and he cannot gain any more. Congratulations for the first time level 100!  
  • Sardaukar has reached level 49, the highest Zaugurz to date.
  • Ethar will take also a big step forward, only in RL. He will go to military service as a volunteer, for whole four years. Many of his good friends are going to miss him a lot, also trying to convince him to not go for that long period. 
  • Uriond has proposed to his girlfriend, and she has said yes. They met about 8 months ago, and are planning to be wedded after a few years.
  • Quillis has also gotten married, while he still works for the navy as a biology expert. Now, that event was in May but due to a lot of work and more honeymoons, he forgot to announce.
  • Gonfor is going to be a dad once again. Due to his charm and good convincing skills, he and his wife are awaitng another christmas baby! The family already includes little Madelaine, who is 2 years and a couple months old. 
  • Mume news: Jelanda and Feorwine have been engaged for future marriage sake. The only sad part is that Jelanda isn't sure where her father is.. so now her groom is troubled to seek the one to ask Jelanda's hand from. Hopefully the young lovers find her father and will be wedded soon.
  • Kenzu has taken up a summer job in a local supermarket. His grades were a bit disappointing for him as well, so he isn't sure will he be able to do so much of a 'hardcore muming' as he would like to. But he's sure he is going to try harder next year!
  • Birthdays :

    I would be happy to receive new updates of all the profiles of the MUME-players. Since time has gone by, interests have changed, and people have aged .. please feel free to load me (liliah@elvenrunes.com ) with your new pics and profile updates!

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