Aug 2, 2001

  • All of you know that there are some items on MUME, about which players are not too sure if what they do.

    • One of those question marks is certainly a small tin ring . Old rumours say that this ring protects you from diseases, other tales just note that the wearer of this ring will be immune to flu. Asking around brought a clear result: the majority of players think it is effective vs flu. Including this, there is an old story that if you keep a warm blanket close and around your body, you wont be infected with the flu, even if a sick person stands right beside you and happens to sneeze.

  • Many players who live in the region of Northern Europe, know about the rain and lightning storms that took place a few weeks ago. For some of us, it wasn't just a fun to watch. When the lightning storm started on 20th of july, player of Backfire sat in his home, near Oslo (Norway). He pulled out all the plugs of electricity, in case the lighning might struck in. But - he forgot to disconnect the phoneline. The ligtning hit straight to his home phone network, scorching a router worth of about 1000$. So all he had was his mobile phone, which he attatched to his pc, to tell me this story. For the time this story appears, i hope he got his connections back, and dont have to idle or die with playing from work, where scary boss can ruin the session!
  • Some higher gods have come back from their vacations, including Maedhros and Namo . Namo spent his vacation in France and Germany. Right now he is 'losing his skin' due to the really hot weathers and extensive sun.
  • Rumours say that Draught has disappeared and is absent without leave... Maybe he is having his own secret vacation?
  • The builders of MUME are known to be working on some new projects: Anduin Vale with its unopened zones to the north, and the flowing plains of Rohan with all its villages to the south. In Vale, all zones are ready with rooms and mobs, waiting for the final overviews and muddles. In Rohan , the zones and rooms are ready, and builders are working on mobs and items at the very time.
  • Relim's wife is pregnant with their 4th kid! That is probably mume-players record about fatherhood! Probably a girl again, since it is Relim's personal track record. Baby shower! :). They live in England, near the famous and archaic Stonehenge.
  • Birthdays to celebrate this week: Trent on 7th August, Fisben 8th August.

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