August 15, 2003 with Estonian Mume-Meeting Special

  • There was a huge MUME-meeting held in Estonia. During the six days 63 Mume players gathered. The main organizator of the meeting was Liliah. The 'bravest visitor credit' belongs to player Sécrêt, who was traveling and camping with estonians the whole week. First three days were meant for travelling and viewing the nice mother nature, other three days were planned for camp near beautiful summercity Pärnu - Jõekääru Camping...

  • First day : Due to the fact that main gathering was planned for 7pm at Raekoja Plats (Tallinn), some bored mumers organized a huge mume-lab to spend their time. You can read about their achievements in ER Notable logs section "The spirit of anchestors".
    At the place mentioned above, all gathered at 7pm. Then hugegroup (about 30 participators), that was led by player Cyber, went to Wellington Pub, thanks to ones acquaintanceship mumers enjoyed cheap beer and free snacks. So what do mumers talk about when they meet? Surely they start sharing their PK experiences. But how does a mumer look like in RL compared to one's character? Rumour says that a tall or big person chooses to play hobbits (short, little races), small players decide to play strong and huge races or there is a possibility that one looks quite the same. Did you know that smokers are presumedly the worst players ever?

  • Day two: Mumers who were still fresh and alive met in the next morning at Railroad station to start rolling by cars. I missed all cars because I was quite dead and woke later on that day and my backpack was still not packed. So their plan was to go swimming somewhere. Seeking the swimming spot they finally ended up in Narva-Jõesuu. Well, that's almost eastern part of Estonia. Two swedish players came along on that day : Iomene and Verminaard. After a heights fear testing in Narva Castle's tower two mumers where feeling sick- Liliah and Nator have acrophobia!

  • Day three: Drinking, swimming and more drinking. Mumers were rolling to the southern part of Estonia to meet players from university city-Tartu. Actually there was only one car out of five but gathering at meeting spots and hitchhiking wasn't a problem. Camping at Ares place. Rayden's back was hurting on the next day cause he did't find a more suitable place for sleeping than plain woodenfloor.

  • Day four: This is where I joined again. Meeting at Jõekääru Camping. Who came by hitchhikeing who came by foot! From our youngest generation Orcie and Aznog were collecting travelling points. They had to walk like six kilometers from Pärnu city to get to the meeting spot. Young feet as we say. After seeking the place to put up our tents, mumers where enjoying the beautiful day. Fortunately there was enough sports games, so noone got bored. Playing volleyball and swimming with roots in the river. 'Cause it was Hana's birthday there was a little mince-pie for everyone. The day ended with a barbecue and drinking. Some even made a challenge in last one.

  • Day five: Who had the biggest headache in that morning? Was it Loreth, so called PK-dad Morris or someone else is not certain. But that problem was fixed with some more beer. Day was sunny and warm. People were concerned about Sécrêt, won't he sundie? But, hey, he was enjoying every single ray of it! Liliah, Sardaukar, Ares and Raul went to canoeing. That kind of sports meeting can't do without little accidents. Liliah injured her arm on that day that she had to call on first-aid station after the meeting. Later that day Diamonium arrived with his twin brother and ran aroud with his video camera. In the meantime he labelled everybody with nice stickers with their Mume names on it. Durcano also arrived and spent most of his time near the grill, meat-loving orc for sure. This was the day when most people showed up.

  • Day six: I didn't quite get when the day ended or started but seemed like some of us didn't sleep at all. When I woke, one little noisy company was sitting at the same place making exactly the same noise. While some others where packing things for leaving, they seemed to get the real party starting. And there was a reazon - Azazello and the twin brothers Zomb and Vip finally arrived in the last camping day morning. But all corpses were already fully looted and hungrily devoured!

  • So far this was the biggest and longest MUME-meeting ever. Some pictures about the meeting can be seen here. Hopefully there will be another meeting in Estonia next year and with more visitors from outside!

  • Do you know who are the best travellers on Ardas white side? This is what Bree storyteller told me : Many a traveller has passed here you know. Bree is quite some crossroads. Some of these daring young men and women have seen vast parts of Arda. Of course, none has seen such stars as I have, but among them, I would like to mention Galawon, Marras, Lowyn, Ypsilon, Kodar, Scrape, Serek, Elestir, Krax, Griand, Irogla, Aschit, Saber and most notably, Väinämöinen.
  • Tragikomix the Timeslider has recieved level 73.
  • There is rumour, that the feared Black Shadow Clan has gotten lots of new powerful magic users to their ranks lately. Dark armies are growing!
  • Einalem and Fergus are waiting their second baby to born.
  • Birthdays: 15. August- Uinen, 17. August- Androg, 19. August- Ithilorn and Elemmire, 20. August- Alexander the Great, Vaire's son will be 6, 21. August- Fëagil, 22. August- Harmony, 26. August- Drugar, 27. August- Irikan, 28. August- Ghostly, 29. August- Galion, 31. August- Rael

    If you have a birthday coming or any rumour you want to give off please feel free to notify me!


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