Aug 23, 2001

  • Many of you know already, that the character behind Shake visited Estonia for quite some time. At the moment, he is already back in his home land ( after a short flight and a bit boring train ride). As he is gone now, i think many estonians here remain with a new friend from far away. And even more - i havent seen so much estonian players getting together on such a short notice as this has been. Rumour also has it, that Shake is starting to arrange another meeting in .cz, to invite all friends and also those who have hosted him here, in Estonia.
  • Elistan and his secret love have said to be departed. The actual feelings are unknown, but some observers have said, that this mysterious lady has found yet another prince on a white horse, for her. And this time, in RL.
  • Have you already noticed, that there has not been sightings of Harmony for some time? Yet she is not gone, but appears some times under a different name. Remember the funny log out somewhere, when Forin and Harmony were sitting on a bed of Kaldae's bedroom? Seems these two people got into a fight over some reasons, and don't appear together anymore. Which brings us to this question: did Forin retire all his chars for just to take a break from irreality, or was the reason this sometimes a tad too hasty young girl called Harmony?
  • Some time ago, there was an unpublic and secret voting about female pkillers on mume. These were the best: #1 Gretna #2 Shimmer #3 Last but not least - Chauncey! Now, i am not sure if the voters didnt have enough female examples, or if Chauncey really shaves his real hairy legs, but the voters remained sure on their stating.
  • Something about level racing in mume: At the same time that Norsu is aiming for a level 100, two trolls are keeping a close competition about reaching the highest level. As Cele was the highest troll for quite some time, Devastator has now caught up with him. As far as i have looked into this, it is a close race, and i await for who reaches the next level first. People who play, have already started to make bets, and formed two sides. Future will tell us the truth!
  • As already suspected last week, here is the final meeting place and time for danish ppl: Friday, aug. 24 at 17:00 info people who wish for fun and getting together with those that have been long not seen. The ones that need any directions from the local train station, should mumemail directly to Ren.
  • Birthdays: Ithilorn 19th Feagor 21th Drugar 26th Ghostly 28th Harmony 17 years on aug 22. And Relim's youngest daughter Hope will be also four years old on 25th.

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