Aug 30, 2001

I am sure you remember how we some time ago followed a story about a swedish mume-players trip to Bulgaria. I am happy to announce that they are back in their homeland, safe and sound. With the help of Lasse, i am going to share some of the highlights to you as well.

On the 10th of August they left home for Sweden , to catch a plane from Arlanda airport. As the time-tables weren't that good - they spent the whole night playing football in the station. On the 11th of August - the plane finally left towards Bulgaria, with them brave adventures on board.

This here is a short overview what happened:

  • Fredde (Lasse ) partied all the nights of the 14 days they spent in Bulgaria, accompaning his most trustworthy friend Patrick, who isnt a mume addict. Lasse was known to be 'heavily pie-eyed' for 13 nights of that time.. wonder what happened with the last one? As he had promised, he cut himself a Hockeyfrilla hairdo (to know what that is, you probably have to ask him, since it seems to be very special!). But before he went out again that night, a girl named Kristin cut him another hairdo, from what was left of his hair. The next morning when he woke up, and saw his 'weird look' and the disappearance of hair, he ran mad around the hotel and threatened to kill the participators.
  • Christer (Faint ) is known for his good looks. Three girls from Sweden started to talk to him, on long-distance relationship topic. One of his pick up lines was: "Hey, do you have glitter on your eyelashes?" The girl replied then "No, why do you wonder?" Christer replied: "Well, your eyes sparkle even if you close them!"
  • At a go-go bar one stripper almost tried to 'rape' him, although he pushed her off and tried to leave. Not that he is afraid of a female contact but he is scared of russian strippers sitting in his lap, while he is sober :)
  • David (David): You already know how he is connected with the number 12. He mocked a girl on the trip, who punched him in the face. Being as drunk as he was, he started yelling "You hit like a sissy, Sisssyyy!" out to her. She maddened, and started to beat the crap out of him. Next morning he woke up with a blue eye, and all the other companions had a nice laugh. He also managed to shag a chick from McDonalds staff. So you know now what kind of junk food he will support for some time. And he was once mistaken for a bulgarian waitor, in a restaurant.
  • Aron (Edvard ): He did the stupidest thing ever- his stomach doesnt like chicken much, but he still ate some. He paid for it with a bad ache and was sick for 2 days. He drank only booze and his beerbelly came back because of it. This time he wasn't harrassed by a turkish waitor, only a drunk norwegian in the toilet of a place called Lazur. All the other friends are thinking of sending him to the gay pride parade next year, to see how many men would hit on him.
  • Rumours have also told that Liliah and Enforcer were seen in Finland few weekends back, visiting the amusement park in Helsinki.
  • Ling has now a part-time job in a sushi-bar and also wanted to get another one in McDonalds, for the weekends. As she is studying too, at the same time, she has retired her mortals, since she will not have much time to play. But as we all know - you cannot skip mume just like that.
  •, the official MUME site, has a new look and just in time for a big birthday. Manw informs us that Oct 1991 is when MUME's imps started working on the game, Jan 1992 is when MUME had its first real players. Though MUME had a few players before it was officially opened. This means MUME turns 10 years this Fall/Winter. According to text on the site we have Manw, Vair and Trent to thank for's new look!
  • Birthdays: Manw's little daughter Jeanne is going to be 1 year old on Sept 5th. Amras has a birthday on the 1st of Sept and Fergus' birthday on 29th August!

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