Aug 9, 2001

  • Some Swedish players are going to Bulgaria this weekend, starting from 11.august. They include: Nushenak, Ior, Draaz and Fredde. Since they are already famous travellers here is what will probably happen to them, as it has happened before:

    • Fredde will fall asleep in some sauna and bitch with other people from Stockholm, while being dead drunk.
    • Nushenak wont get into any pub or disco (reason unknown) and will have to spend the night on some backalley bench.
    • Draaz will be chasing and finding a lovely 12-year old chick (!).
    • And last but not least, Ior will get harrassed by a turkish male waiter (this is a common thing for him). More disastrous stories , when they come back. Until then, lets hope they atleast get there :)
  • Rumours say that this column-writer (Liliah) has gone through some changes! Changing her haircolor to a fiery blaze of red and copper. So if you think there is a fire, check first, may be it is she.
  • When i happened to whois Cur the other day, i saw he hasn't been on mume for ages. Seems he has became a father now, to a little girl of 8 months of age. Iceland, being as isolated as it is, has made him disappear and noone quite knows how he is currently doing.
  • Babyshower news is coming from Oscarmeyer. He recently stated in some log that he has to go fast, wife in labour!! It was a false alarm though and he is still expecting baby #1.
  • Ling is back from Greece, with a nice bronze tan and a well spent week.
  • Voile has just recently finished his bachelor's degree in finance. After four years of staying in France he will move on to Leicester, England where he will continue to study more corporate finance.
  • Draught was spotted logged in some time ago, but there have been some talk about him, that he is returning in September, and until then he is busy with his education and projects at where he studies.
  • ElvenRunes log page now has over 125 different accounts? Those who havent yet, join the page!
  • A famous saying: You cannot quit mume until you are still able to connect at your pc.
  • This week is a quiet one for Birthdays, but Jahara had a birthday on 6th August. Famous Seventeen Club has him now as a full time member.

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