December 14, 2001
  • As the real Xmas is nearing, I would like to share you a story of Orkish Christmas:

o Move:Tired>
Orc Living Area
The tunnel widens out into a large area littered with debris. The ceiling is
tall even for the tallest of trolls and would fit three across comfortably.
The hall continues to the south.
A dead tree stands here held by rope.
A used pot of mashed elf sits on the ground.
An orc santa stands here pounding on his drums.

o Move:Tired>
A loud booming echo's through the cave.

oMove:Tired>exa orc

Here stands a REALLY fat orc beside a used pot once full of mashed elf. He has dressed himself in red rags and has painted his horned helmet with the color of blood. He keeps pounding on a large orkish war drum screaming for any spare copper.
The orc santa is in excellent condition.

o Move:Tired>
An orc santa yells 'Spare gold for the Great Goblin's presents!'
o Move:Tired>
You are a male Orc.
You are 33 years, 8 months, and 2 days old.
You are a non-player character.
This ranks you as a snaga elf (level 10).
You are four feet eleven and weigh seven stone and eigth pounds.
Perception: vision 20, hearing 20, smell 15. Alertness: normal.
You are totally surrounded by annoying little children!
You are welcome in Goblin Town.
Your equipment weighs 0 pounds. A tad uncofortable, but we will manage...
Your base abilities are: None.
Offensive Bonus: 0%, Dodging Bonus: 0%, Parrying Bonus: 0%.
Your armour provides an average protection of 2%.
You have 3/3 hit, 0/0 mana, and 7/10 movement points.
Your mood is aggressive. You will fight to the death.
You have scored no life experience points and you haven't budged.
You are not known for any acts of war.
You need 999,999,999 experience points till next level.
You have 15 copper pennies.
You are speaking Orkish.
You are underpaid.
You are disgruntled.

o Move:Tired>
A loud booming echo's through the cave.

o Move:Tired>
Ragas has arrived from the east.

o Move:Tired>
Ragas peers closely at an orc santa, trying to figure him out.

o Move:Tired>
An orc santa yells 'Spare gold for the Great Goblin's presents!'

o Move:Tired>
Ragas glares at an orc santa.

o Move:Tired>
A loud booming echo's through the cave.

o Move:Tired>
Ragas sends an orc santa sprawling with a powerful bash.

o Move:Tired>
Ragas spits over his left shoulder.

o Move:Tired>
Ragas leaves south.


o Move:Tired>
You cackle gleefully.

o Move:Tired> Sauron tells you 'If ONE more person compares me to the Grinch i am going to scream!'

oMove:Tired>ignore sauron

o Move:Tired>
You now ignore Sauron.

  • Other news: A finnish mume-meeting will take place in Helsinki, on 28th December. It will include going to see LotR together. All who wish to join, should contact Rashnak . As it is not clear who and how many will participate, i will note you later on! 
  • Kitto has a good reason for not being good in pk.. p(Snotface) fractured p(kitto)s wrist 5 months ago. He is currently still waiting for the surgery, but the hand is getting progressively worse. He is playing while wearing a plastic bandage over the wrist, making it extremely difficult to type stuff in accurately. Lets hope the surgery will help.
  • As one trouble with hand isn't enough, Toe has been back, showing himself a little in mume. As for the deadline 10th December, when doctors were supposed to remove the cast from his left hand, it is still there, and will stay over Xmas, as well as Toe will be not able to go to work yet.
  • All these incidents make me want to warn you to not club your friends for fun, and to be cautious at work, otherwise this gossip column will turn into a hospital news :)
  • Draggor, who was demoted some time ago, has been playing some of his other chars, and including a same demanding tone with them, as before. But what it proves is: even if you say 'I quit for good!', that might still make you to eat your words and prove different.
  • Birthdays:

    I would be happy to receive new updates of all the profiles of the MUME-players. Since time has gone by, interests have changed, and people have aged .. please feel free to load me ( ) with your new pics and profile updates!

    Note: I am still waiting for feedback on birthday dates, don't be shy!

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