December 2002     

  • I must once again apologize from my long absence. I think it applies to the gossip as well that I'm currently very actively looking for a job. And running back and forth between different vacant slots :)
  • One can say that much has happened to Mume lately. There's been changes in thief/scout-playing people's lives, although the majority seems to think that this change wasn't so necessary. But we all hope that tweaks will come, as they usually do! Mume shops have been enhanced! Kiss goodbye the old spammy lists, and people buying things from right under your nose. New changes welcome a better colouring system as well as a resize command, for getting your equipment to fit. But as always, everything comes with a price! Also, a change has come to bears lives: less movecost in mountainous areas, and a slightly enhanced OB has resulted that a lot of long gone fuzzy bears are back growling and roaming Arda.
  • My sincerest congratulations go to the troll named Secret - who has reached the highest level ever on a player troll , in MUME history: mighty level 70. And with these congratulations I hope, it will increase the so fragile sunblock on your trollish skin!
  • The zaugurz chief Sardaukar, Emissary of North has left Arda for the time being. He's said his farewells to the tribe, stating that they all have put a firm base to the zaugurz tribe, and its future glory. But the shadow behind Sardaukar has not left Arda, they say. After achieving probably the most he ever could, he has been spotted running around in different forms.  
  • Marre has a secret plan. He promised he will take Ling over from her current boyfriend, and have her only for himself! As I was trying to figure how he is going to do that, he suddenly fell very silent but grim! That man has unspeakable plans.
  • Kenzu has found a new girlfriend in RL. He has said, that Rachel makes him so happy that he soon doesn't know what to do with this overwhelming happiness! 
  • Surely I know, that most of you are already counting the days that are left until the Two Towers Premiere. Living myself in a sort of a third world country, me and as well latvian mumers will have to wait until next year's January to see the movie on the big screen. As I was thinking back on it, some of you probably will see the marathon of LotR: first the Fellowship of the Ring, the Two Towers.. and here's the idea I got. In the end of January, I would like to have a poll or even a questionnaire for you in these matters, or just your thoughts: if you  compare the two movies with eachother, after seeing them 1) Which actor/actress was playing his/her part the best by your opinion 2)Which character (and it's continuosity through both films) was the most appealing to you.
  • Saying this, I plunge into the time of Xmas in real life, as I am about to spend my first Xmas time in my own home. I wish you all a merry holidays time, and worthy wait of THE movie!
  • Birthdays:  Chauncey 4th Dec, Spears 6. Dec, Lowyn 11. Dec, Naga 12. Dec, Einalem 13. Dec, Humala 18. Dec, Aesdana 24. Dec, Valur 28. Dec.

    I would be happy to receive new updates of all the profiles of the MUME-players. Since time has gone by, interests have changed, and people have aged .. please feel free to load me ( ) with your new pics and profile updates!

    Note: I am still waiting for feedback on birthday dates, don't be shy!

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