December 6, 2001
  • Due to popular demand, I have been correcting the highest char list. So, here is the deal: No demoted, no sundead character will get to the list, although some of them, and their braveries will always remain in our memories. Now, here, I will say a few words about those who did not reach the list above:
    • Frode: He was the highest level hobbit, by far. He was level 62, before he got demoted for his illegal deeds, which we are not going to rest on, here and today.
    • Devastator: Famous with his hot temper and hasty mind, he was the highest troll, being level 61. Being not afraid to take any risks, he has suffered a sundeath from the highest troll-position before. And this one came down from level 61.
    • Norsu was also a level higher - 90, but due to a death, he lost one level. But- he reachieved it! Highest orc by a far shot, I think you all agree with me. Many people hope, though, that he will be immortaled after level 100, but real question is: if a Maia is level 101, and Norsu will reach past that level, once.. how can those Maias keep themselves invisible from him :) Thats one fun question, and I cant wait when will he reach that level.
    • As for Coxa, he hasn't played a long time too. But there ain't years past his last login yet. I am sure the true highest-level man who still plays, should be Lowyn, who is also the owner of the highest character ever, played by a female RL.
  • Rut is soon taking off Iceland for another long trip. She is flying to Tallahassee, to spend her Xmas and New Years Eve with Ajax . Currently she has trouble deciding what to give him for present: either something national from Iceland, or A Santa's hat, red socks and a whip! 
  • As the Xmas time is nearing also in mume, each year there have been santa hats delivered, and xmas trees standing here and there. But what i want to know is: how do you think did hobbits, elves and all those other races, spend xmas? Did they ever at all? And I know if they would spend something like that, it wouldnt be ordinary, as what we have gotten used to. You who have read Hobbit, certainly remember that they spent even birthdays in different ways: instead of the guests who brought presents, the birthday child gave presents for his/her guests! All of you rpers and non-rpers, let me know how would you see spending Xmas in MUME. 
  • So far, the family-facts discussion in Arglebargle has shown that most of you parents here, have daughters. And another part of you think that they are parents for their own characters. And Ytinas - well, he is going to be probably the first one who takes a DIY kit and creates his own child... somewhere in the future!
  • Securitate has became a father to a baby BOY! No other details yet but when I meet the 'freshman', I shall know more.
  • Birthdays: Spears: 6th Dec, Lowyn 11 Dec, Naga: 12 Dec, Einalem 13 Dec.

    I would be happy to receive new updates of all the profiles of the MUME-players. Since time has gone by, interests have changed, and people have aged .. please feel free to load me ( ) with your new pics and profile updates!

    Note: I am still waiting for feedback on birthday dates, don't be shy!

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