February 14, 2002
  • Welcome all on this nice and friendly Valentine's Day
  • As I've aready told you a lot about warlords listing for zaugurz orcs, here is more: Sardaukar has also entered the list, and Kocano still keeps his 2nd spot.
  • Oscarmeyer has been gone from Mume for a while, due to his loss of internet connection: his wife forgot to pay the bill (*again*). His daughter Nicole has decided she doesnt want to learn to crawl yet, so she rolls her body in the direction she wants to go. This usually means that the cat has to move away, since Nicole is so fascinated with him. Also she will be 6 mths old on the 15th of February! Hopefully she will learn to type a bit better on the keyboard, since for now she only pushes random keys and drools on it. He would also extend thanks to Kocano for a good deed. He managed to sneak into mume from work one day, trying to prevent his lowbie zorc from a delete and eq-loss. Kocano kindly spared enough cash to get him through the internet-deprived status. He will be back in the beginning of March, which seems a long time from now. Also, he took his wife down from managing the financial stuff of their household, so these bad no-mume periods wouldn't continue.
  • On 12th of February me (Liliah) and my husband Enforcer spent our 2nd year of marriage anniversary. It was a fine night besides Estonia winning in one of the Olympic Competitions, otherwise the babysitter was late, and me and the little baby Liisa came down with a cold. So we are both trying to keep off the computer for a few days.. which is not possible when the first thing she says 'hello' to in the morning, is the pc mouse. And as the Olympic Competitions in US are quite popular even for mume players to watch, i do remind you to rent before you go afk to watch your favourite athlete's perfomance. Dying afk is not nice, even if your country won gold :-)
  • Thats all for this week, i hope my healed body and mind can offer you more in next! Native Americans used to have nice names for their people.. I would be Liliah the Running Nose then! 
  • Birthdays:

    I would be happy to receive new updates of all the profiles of the MUME-players. Since time has gone by, interests have changed, and people have aged .. please feel free to load me (liliah@elvenrunes.com ) with your new pics and profile updates!

    Note: I am still waiting for feedback on birthday dates, don't be shy!

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