February 27, 2002
  • First of all, my biggest apologies for not bringing you gossip last week.
  • Aschit's no-Mume period is slowly ticking it's last days. As he probably has been almost itching to get to mume, lets hope he wouldn't kill himself with a straight 24 h mume-marathon. And, ofcourse- Welcome back muming from home! 
  • Humala is moving from his current appartment to another. Closer to the heart of the city, as he mentioned. He also had a weird conspiracy of dragging cute passed-out chicks into his apartment without anyone noticing, but that seems to be another trouble. For now he has to keep a closer eye on his expenses, since renting in downtown is costy! 
  • Xylo (Devastator's other form) has once again seen the Yellow Eye, and thus fell to level one. I hope this curse will not follow him forever. Or will it? For now he is trying to play on some other side of the war. 
  • As you may have noticed, lots of plain and not so plain items have received descs for themselves, not being 'You see nothing special' anymore. Many thanks for all maias that have put their time to making the litttle things matter.
  • Lowyn has made a place for herself on Coxa's throne, the two are tied for the highest race-man character, as well as highest char which has a female player behind it. Congratulations!  Other level race updates Elestir is 80 and Sardaukar is now 42.
  • I was looking at some log comments on the other day, and this got into my mind: who, for no matter if the log is good or bad, gives most positive comments, or most negative comments? And what little bug takes a person to comment negative to a good log.. or it is all about personality? There is some personality behind every character of Mume. A calm player who will never panic in difficult situations, lets call it stone-skin. When he is about to die, he will watch calmly, and already plan how he is going to revenge, reeq, or - just play another char. He will not dwell on his death. Another type are hotheads - they lose nerve easily, but don't panic too much. They get angry to others more. As I see it- they are just afraid to lose control over their play. Depending on a person again, this anger, yelling and nervousness lasts either short or long. Then there is this third group -panickers. They are afraid of the situations that might be a little too hard on them, and they panic in critical situations. Mistype, mis-spam dirs, you name it (Yeah I am afraid I am of that third class), and a fear of death. Or - you could easily be of all those groups, mixed to a perfect combination in each situation, following your wits as well as your gut feeling.   And ofcourse, people treat their characters very differently. Some of you have berserk-chars: made for fighting, never afraid to die. Then there are those mapper chars that will suffer countless mobdeaths and other not so nice accidents. But I think there is also people who will grow fond of their chars so much, that it is difficult to put those on line of danger. As for me I keep telling myself that ok, this char will be my fighter, or mapper... But after growing it to about level 15, I have gotten so fond of it already, it is difficult to use it for a task I wanted to. I guess it applies more to the players that spend a long time picking names, stats and background for their chars.
  • Birthdays:

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