February 7, 2002
  • As I promised, I want to welcome the very first Zaugurz Warlord Cen, and a few words on his behalf. He started playing mume again for just the zaugurz.
    • Before mume 8 came, he felt that there is too little risk, making one unkillable, and always able to run safe. So - he thought to try again. He started side by side with Mammoth, Nacs and Naksur, but as they died a lot, the others got bored and left for tarkhnarb tribes.
    • When Cen was finally level 21+, he discovered that char behind Sardaukar was his friend pRagface, and same time Kocano levelled up. So the three estonians started to team up, and go for the glory together. The glory itself though, meant that they ran, ran and ran, occasionally getting lucky with kills. And if stuck with nowhere to go, they attempted to trap. As for Cen - he is also playing a char called Diamonium
    • As for warlording- the lucky kills near water source made it happen. Since, as Cen himself says: if you don't know the rivers, you are dead.
    • If you do know - you might live longer. The main keys for successful 'zaugurzing' are a magnificent area knowledge, bravery and teamwork, accompaning 'hide' skill. And you must never panic.
    • The best equipment Cen has held, is probably elfhewer, what he looted out of a black numenorean corpse. He is happy about the changes, and tries to climb back on the warlords list, because as we speak, another zaugurz- Kocano, sits at the 6th spot.
  • Now on to the other news:
  • Did you know, that Manw already had his private defending against the jury in order of getting his PhD? At the end of it the jurors said their usual congratulations, but Manwe will receive the papers on 12th March, after he has presented his work for the public also. His PhD title is in "Nomads: a spatio-temporal data model supporting multiple instantiation". In shorter words: a database stuff (in computer science). He doesn't know yet what he will do after the gratuation - probably will still stay in his lab, and do more projects/researching/teaching. Congratulations Dr. Manw! 
  • Shimmer and Khird have already spend a sweet week together in US, Chicago. Khird flew there for just a few weeks, and was supposed to leave on 10th of February, but as he started to like it so much, he tries to stay until the US govt will throw him out. Hopefully never! So thats why he said he has slow link now..
  • Player of Kitto finally got the promised surgery, and has spent 2 days in the hospital, following the surgery. He got home, and is tyring to play mume as best as he can, with one hand and 300 msec link... But it doesn't seem to work very well.
  • Birthday debts: Nazgum 14.Feb Ajax 23. Feb 

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