June 15, 2001

  • This week's tale is about Donutello, who has also found himself a girlfriend. The story happened in November, last year. Donutello was visiting his friend Axel and they decided to go to Denmark, just for the fun of it.
    Only bad thing was, Donut didnít have a visa for that. Still they took the car and drove 7 whole hours to the Danish border. There he wasn't allowed to enter Denmark, they let them to do a U-turn with the car, and head back. All in all, they spent 30 seconds in Denmark, which was the time it took to make that turn. Then they drove back, all those miles. Next time Donutello will probably know better, and when visiting Europe, get the visa for each country nearby.
  • Vanidor travelled to Memphis and met Trent and Vaire...he's been been pretty closed mouth about it.
  • Did you know: that Leetah is now going for her second degree in school? And, that Manwe is finishing his PhD work on computer science?
  • This weekend it is a big day for Echo- he is finally getting married to his beautiful fiance. Rejoice!
  • Also, rumour has it that Ling has an 'eye' for Dain!
  • Mume news: After the MUME management has gone through a lot of changes, it included a promotion for Yants, from Ms to Vm. Vengeance (Vm) has been unretired again, Incanus who was a retired Va must have have taken Computer 101 and is now an active Vm . At the same time Squizz (Vm) and Petrel (Va) went into retirement home.

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