June 2003

    • First of all I have to mention that this month has been very busy for students who finished their studies in school. Now if you are one of the industrious MUME-players, please notify me. Then you can share your delightful news and future plans (?) with others in next month's gossip.
    • ElvenRunes  has moved to new server and is working much faster now.
    • Player Alie has updated her Newbie Guide page - www.elvenrunes.com/alie . You can learn about armour, shields and weapons and much more. So if you are bored of answering questions for newbies, send them to Alie's guiding hand.
    • Another player website has been opened: our LuveAdvisor Dr. Rut's - http://www.geocities.com/valgeirsdttir/LuveAdvisor.html . Now when the spring time, time of falling in love, is over and you still find yourself alone, you'd better ask for Rut!
    • Some news from Anduin Vale told that some bears are bored of "crack dance", running to NOC and chasing orcs inside of their caves and Anduin Vale is getting too small. Because of that Care the Bear has decided to abandon Vale for a long-long time. How long? Since Vale and bear-life is going to be enhanced. Meantime he's playing with other races.
    • That leads me to another subject we had. Many of you have noticed that our Highest Level list has been changed a lot. Griand the Shadow Bear has leveled up nicely to 48. Erebos the Darker of Dor-Lomin is now highest level dwarf, level 80. Elestir is still the closest to being the next to reach 100 and the first from the puke side. Much speculation surrounds the question of who will be the next to 100.
    • In the darker side things are not so well. Cause there was probably the biggest PK bug ever, where six trolls dug a tunnel from Old East Road Meets Greenway to Dark Tower and it was trap. Some of the dark leaders were demoted a bit because of that trick. Ones luck is anothers misfortune. Tragikomix the Mixer, Wizard of Angband is now leading Black Númenóreans on level 70, because Mochomurka was demoted many levels.
    • From the Ainur side : Gruenthar(Mc) was raised to Mb. He is working in Rohan and Daemor(M) was promoted to Mc for various odd jobs and is now also working in Rohan.
    • Birthdays: 19. June- Pedrag and Cuantar, 21. June- Horus, 24. June- Belego, 26. June- Kalm, 2. July- Korir and Belar, 8. July- Chicken, 13.July- Elijan

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