March 23, 2002

My today's gossip corner is dedicated to the highest level white race
character on Arda. That is, of course, Elestir. So welcome!


First of all: When did you start playing? And who were the meanies who showed you a game called Mume!

I am not sure here, but I think it was around beginning of year 1998. Before I came to MUME, I spent some time playing one czech mud, where other players (players of Pheare, Kuku, Sidlo, ...) and even implementors(players of Laveron, Thorax) of this mud were playing MUME almost every day from 5pm, as MUME was running like from 5pm to 8 or 9am back in those times. Also few of my rl friends (one was p(Shorn)) were playing MUME, so one day I and Luke decided to try it out as well.
How did you meet up with your current lab friends, and who were they?
My only true labbie is Luke and I met with him on university where I study. Later I met with p(Butrus) who plays from college and "labbed" with him some, but not that much. Then there were newcomers to university who tried and played some, but dont play nowadays.
So. Lets say a bunch of you sit in a same lab, playing. Do you play always same side of the war, or someone quietly sneaks off to play orc instead? Do you argue a lot while playing in lab, with your friends?
Sometimes we play on same side with Luke. Then the play is almost constant trapping and raiding as you can imagine. Sometimes I play whitie while he plays darkie, and then he usually tries to trap me, so the communication is very limited.
What makes Elestir so powerful char? Would you care to share what skills you think, are the most important for such class?
Elestir himself is not very powerful. He doesn't deal as much damage as true offensive warriors (tho with glowsword or ornate he still deals nice damage), but he is best type of char for leading pk groups, because he has defence, good track and he is also 1.*Elf*. With really clueful followers (which is not always the case compared to lets say Rogon's groups) he may seem powerful.
How many times have you died as Elestir?
I never counted my deaths, but If I remember right, I dt-ed once, climb-died in unqa once, pk-died like 10x (of which like 3x linkless).
What you do when you die? Curse and leave, or plot a revenge and try to reeq as fast as possible?
Depends how I died. If I die to my own stupidity I am pissed on myself and usually it takes a while till I give self a second chance. The worst is if one dies linkless with fullsetted high level char, like is Elestir nowadays. And even worse is when Arata tells he won't allow the guy that killed you ld to return your eq. Those are times when I consider to stop playing MUME. I hope I wont have to reconsider it in future because of this. And of course there are deaths that you can't affect, like bunch of guys wait-trapping in some no-scout areas for several rl hours or trapping in newly found noflee rooms where is no reason for them to be noflee, etc.
How has Mume affected your real life? How much time do you spend in virtual reality?
More than I would like to. More than I should.
Do you ever role-play? Why?
Sometimes, especially when dealing with true newbies, to make this game fun for them.
In what city you live in Czech republic?
In Olomouc. Its historical city in the centre of Moravia (eastern part of Czech Republic). You can take a virtual tour at:
Five reasons why a person should visit Czech republic :)?
Hmm, can't come with 5 now, but it's surely worth to see historical sight(especially in Olomouc and Prague), to drink czech beer and perhaps to learn czech language :P.
  On what occasions do you get 'adrenaline rush' while playing mume?
When I am close to death or when some really experienced enemy is close to
 death. And of course when my link drops in PK, but that belongs to first
 case I guess.
Do you get tired easy of chasing and tracking same player /or group who
 runs and zigzags over half Arda? Or are you persistent and follow until you
 reach your target.
Depends who is it. If I believe there is decent chance to get him, I
 usually persist (ask Gretna).
How many times have you tried to quit mume? If so, why has it failed ;)?
I took a break few times, but never tried to really quit MUME.
Can you see yourself  playing Mume after 5 years?
I can't see that far.
Do you have any famous phrases or 'warcries' that you tend to repeat

Warcries no, as long as it gives your enemy more time to flee. :-)
 And famous phrases neither, perhaps only Elestir's whois, but I don't know
 if its famous, it's more like common knowledge. Actually now I recalled on
 one such often used phrase, it sounds "any heal scrolls to trade?". :-)
 But its not original I admit.
How would you describe Mume in as few words as possible, to a person who wants to start, but has never tried such thing before?
I would warn him that MUME is a thief of time.
Any last words for your fans and other mume players?
Stay alive and don't kill linkless!


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