March 28, 2002
  • Welcome back to the gossip section over a long time. I am happy to announce that me (Liliah) and Vaire both are home and getting better, after we competed in staying in hospitals for different reasons. And I would also like to thank Vaire especially, who fixed the new updates so quick.
  • Last time I told you about the Kess-mania that overwhelmed arda. For now i tried to count all those Kess'es and the number was bigger than 25. But, as it seems, the Kess's aren't spotted so often any more. Only the base group has remained, walking on arda together, or scattered in other groups.
  • As you can see from the level-table, many numbers have changed. Lowyn has left Coxa behind, and reached 73. Same goes for Zaber. Norsu, who has been playing a lot lately, has gone as far ad level 95. Now thinking about it, level 100 doesn't sound too impossible, does it?
  • Manatark is going to Sweden and Norway due to his band participating on a metal-music festival in Norway. So if any of you are planning to go to that place, keep your eyes open for one of the best estonian metal-music makers!
  • Of course we all know that April is April Fool's Day. There have been several jokes each year, among the Ainurs at least. But what about mortals? Do you make a fool out of others just for fun? Or make a trade or deal to your profit, leaving the other person there, awed. I am sure that good jokes will make that day fun, but one thing I wanted to remind you: if you trick other person out of his eq or personal stuff, don't rob it from him/her. That day is a fun day not a sad day. So, if you do your jokes on that day, don't forget that I wait for some little logs or stories of your 'tricks' and I will not let them be off without a mention.
  • Birthdays: Zarhuk 21. March, Uriond 29. March, Eolung 29. March

    I would be happy to receive new updates of all the profiles of the MUME-players. Since time has gone by, interests have changed, and people have aged .. please feel free to load me ( ) with your new pics and profile updates!

    Note: I am still waiting for feedback on birthday dates, don't be shy!

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