May 2003

  • Welcome Freyja: It was exactly one year ago, when I first typed the address So the month of May is like little Mume anniversary for me and I'm glad that I have found my place also in ElvenRunes. Like I have mentioned earlyer I hope running ER Gossip Page will be nice co-operation with other Mume players. Feel free to send me any interesting facts or rumors you would like other players to know also. So like we usually say: May your visit here be (also) interesting! 
  • There is a rumor going on, that few players have decided to play so called evil whities and newbies have been already made. Names this time I can not mention. Is it spring or some kind of boredom of darkie side, but better hide your wallet and watch you back carefully even in Grey Havens!
  • There is going to be a big Mume-meeting in Estonia, 1-3 August this year. Over 40 participants have signed up, and the number is rising. The meeting will be held all over Estonia, with visiting of many places. Right now there will be people from Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic and Estonia (the last one of course a majority). Some estonians are waiting excitedly to meet other players from other countries and have promised to come surely if they can meet great players outside form .ee . So start stowing your backpack and join in, there is a special thread of Estonian Mume meeting in ER Arglebargle section!
  • Another Mume-meeting will take place much sooner in Finland, where few .fi players have decided to meet at Tuska Open Air Metal Festival 2003 on 11-13. June.
  • Player Sambala has finished her research work about MUME and addictedness what she made for school study. After defending her work in school, she was asked to write an article to estonian Educational Magazine. The research was pulled through to prove that computer games addiction may grow to an institutional problem. The outcome was that the problems aren't computer and the internet or the ability to play, but the attitude and people being bored. She pointed out that if society would care more about offering opportunities how to spend your free time, the problem could be solved. She made some tests on people and watched them in few weeks while they were introduced to MUME and played the game. Two persons out of ten got really addicted (wonder if I am one of them :p).
  • Birthdays: 15. May- Stormblast and Ragnus, 24. May- Nelly, 28. May- Vaire, 1. June- Sung, 2. June- Headache, 8. June- Sambala, 11. June- Durcano

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