November 29, 2001
  • I'd like welcome a new feature : a non-scientific, just for fun list of the highest characters, each in their own race category. The list will update, as the levels gather on.
  • Reef, who has been touring other countries than his homeland, for some time now, is currently spending time in England. The long journey through many countries will probably take him also to Sweden, China, Thai , if not yet. Meeting some mumers from each country he stops in, he has had quite a good time. Always leaving a few messages at troll board, and narrating hi from wherever he currently is.
  • Durcano got himself a new cool tattoo lately. If you want to have a look, demand him the url where the picture of it is!
  • As th LotR playing time gets closer and closer in cinemas around the world, I have a good news for you, who plan to see it in Estonia. player of Uinen is translating it for the cinemas here.
  • Niya and Hombur will celebrate their 2 year anniversary of living together, on the 1st of Dec. They are not married (yet!) but have known eachother for 5 years.
  • The last winter of mume this week, trolls have been very persistent in moving to the west, alongside with orcs. Seems like 'trolls bree!' news has become a part of our everyday lives, when we happen to be around.
  • With that my mind carried me along, to wonder.. some of us who play, have very difficult names to write out.. Nalizindubeth, Tezcatlipoca, etc etc.. and most of those (as well as others) have gotten a shorter nickname, by which people recognize them. For instance: Zigurakhor is called zbn, Nazgum has always been Naz, Mochomurka is Mocho. Mume has brought so many new words, some that we even use in real life. For instance, i myself am using the word 'spamming' a lot. In my language, it doesnt mean anything, so i have to apologize and try to explain what i wanted to say. As for saying socials of mume in real life also, things like 'nod' and 'shrug' are common.. Relim once walked in to his work-meeting though, and said 'snicker'. Everybody was looking at him, he figured he must have said something funny.
  • Rumours go that Forin has asked Harmony to marry her Rl, and she responded with a quick and solid 'yes'!
  • Kaldae , after reaching #1 spot on warlords list, has retired that char to play something else. A big goal was reached, and he feels he got to clear his mind from all this good equipment, and war leader status for a while.
  • Question: why are some people called redshirts, and what does it mean? Redshirt is considered to be a person who follows the big groups or their leaders,for instance Elestir, Eletherion, Throg, etc. A person who rarely leads himself, or plays solo. (Editor's Note: A red shirt  can also refer to those members of the original Star Trek cast who were often were brought along just to be killed on the mission).
  • Also, those 'groups' are called "NAME" packs. So if you hear about 'somepack' being around, you know what they are talking about!
  • Birthdays: Salmar 2nd Dec. Kaldae's daughter Yrja will be 1 year old, also on 2nd Dec. Chauncey celebrates his birthday 4th Dec.

    I would be happy to receive new updates of all the profiles of the MUME-players. Since time has gone by, interests have changed, and people have aged .. please feel free to load me ( ) with your new pics and profile updates!

    Note: I am still waiting for feedback on birthday dates, don't be shy!

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