October 15, 2003

  • I have been so busy in MUME worinkg on my testzone with Freyja, that it is the first time in seven months I forgot about gossip completely. Could it be that building is more fun than playing MUME for me?
  • Lots of people that applied have gotten testzones and people seem to be happy they are no longer being told "no jobs."
  • There is lot of noise going on about new zones in MUME. Meny have seen the new map of Lothlorien, Caras Galadhon. But is it going to be opened soon or maybe it is just hidden, nobody seems to know. Have you tried 'seek Lorien' in some spots of existing mallyrn forest?
  • Player Fergus was struck down with a mystery illness in late july that had him hovering on a coma at one stage, and unresponsive for many days. After 5 weeks in hospital the doctors still did not know the cause. He is now at home recovering, and, hence, casually muming again. Poor player Einalem was pregnant and sick through all this.
  • A lot of players keep whining about the new 'breath of briskness' changes. Really, how can warriors run in metals all around Arda without often feeling tired, but casters seem to get exhausted even when the spell has just been casted. Warriors and battleclerics seem to be getting more use out of this spell than pure magic users.
  • Player Velameth's son is really interested in keyboards and it seems that he'll be playing in no time. No account hasn't been created yet for the 5-month-old baby, but there is no age limit on MUME!
  • Another young father is concerned about his son's mumeing. Puzzle tries not to PK when his 5 months old son is near, because little one seems to like the flee button a lot!
  • As there is a lot of joy around mumers and their new offspring, there is also loss touching some of us. Though often quite a colorful character on Mume that has both friends and enemies, sincerest condolences go out from both sides to Nagoroth, who lost his mother this month, as well as to his step-brother Teejay and the rest of their family. Life is precious and those that are loved and remember never truly fade away.
  • Linkless killing is still a topic of conversation despite the fact that you can no longer tell if someone is linkless if they are an enemy.
  • For old mumers who were longing for some nostalgia and new mumers finally experiencing what people call the "good old days" an interesting an old version of MUME VI runs of and on temporarily on fire.pvv.org 4106. Sources say the version is from around Feb. 1998.
  • Level updates: Secret is now level 69, Sardaukar is now level 68 and the highest level bear is currently unknown to us, is it you? Let us know!.
  • Birthdays: 19. October - Manse 26. October - Sardaukar and Roadkill, 27. October - Naksur 31. October - Thror, 3. November - Burb, 4. November - Dur and Forin

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