October 11, 2001
  • Attention all cz. players. The person behind Shagrath is arranging a mume meeting this very friday, near Pardubice city. It is going to take place in the cottage of Bulvius - a quite new mumer. Right now it is not clear how many people will take part, but i am sure if you contact Shagrath, you still have time! The reason participates names aren't mentioned, is because some people say they will come, but eventually wont show up. Prove otherwise! I am sure this get-together will be mirrored here next week.
  • Rut is coming to Estonia for a conference due to her work. She will be staying in Tartu from 13 to 18th Oct
  • This week's tuesday seemed to be not so good time for a troll race. Two high level trolls have waved their levels goodbye- first Roadkill and then Devastator. Though, the last one mentioned seemed not to be too worried, as he began to exp up again. As for Cele , she safely thrones on the spot of the highest troll.
  • Relim has gotten the new job he was worried about, and will probably start there in this november. Seems the new work has been real positive, because he is back in mume, which already has gotten him into some trouble. He has also given up smoking, and crosses his fingers for the UHD scan for his wife, that should show the gender of their fourth child. Although he doesnt mind the sleepovers that already have taken place (4 more 8-year old girls screaming around the house) and all those beautiful females that will surround him when he is already old.
  • Furin (Snepp, Haldis) is out of the hospital for now and playing mume again. I'd like to thank those who sent some warming words to him.
  • Role play: As i have been asked many times to reveal some good troll food recipes .. here is one that should fit one dinner for sure. The ratios are per one person, so add up if a bigger feast on the way! 
  • Mixed Stew
    • 2 pairs of elf ears
    • 1 hobbit finely chopped
    • 1 skin of man sliced thin
    • Various types of blood to add liquid
    • Cook on fire until all ingredients are soft and mushy. Serve in a cleaned dwarf-head and top with the eyes left from the corpses.
  • Player of Naga has discovered the wonderful-dangerous world of black numenoreans, and enjoys running around with it, especially solo.
  • Most of you building maias probably remember Chicken and his MumeBuilder. For now, Chicken has given up coding the client, and Crazack has taken his place, with the authority to change features on it. Also, Crazack wishes that all of you would try out the new fixes and mail him about ideas for this.
  • Birthdays: Duriel 15.Oct


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