September 15, 2003

  • Now that the summer is over, it's time to head back to indoors and start muming again. Did you spend enough time in wilderness? Did you get a sunburn? Many of us have left behind our old routines and started new assignments others are simply starting another year on the same path as the last.
  • Liliah has gone back to college. She has decided to learn something that is useful in the real world as well as MUME-- becoming a translator/interpretator with major in English. Earning her Master's Degree is within reach!
  • Player Dafur is back at work again after a 6 month vacation, he will have less mume time now. As he used to play 7 hours a day he will now be lucky to get to play 10/hr a week.
  • And I (Freyja) am looking for a job now, hopefully near a computer ;)
  • Rumour is that many students have been kicked out of schools because of too much MUME. Beware of having less time to study and missing classes with endless MUME sessions. 
  • Level Updates: Lowyn has reached level 84. Zaber is level 83 and Sardaukar has gained 2 levels to 67.
  • In politics, Estonians had to vote on 14th September if they wanted to become members of EU or not. 67% of all participats voted for 'yes'....hmm...Estonian mumers secretly hope that with all the good things promised by joining the EU their mume-link might be even faster after 1 May 2004 :P. 
  • And Sweden has for now passed on adopting the EU's currency as well as is mourning the death of a well-known and admired member of its government.
  • Players are buzzing around Diamonium's Mume Mapper called MOM (MUME Online Map ). It runs only under WINDOWS, and you have to create almost all your maps yourself, but it's a good with the help of a promising tool to learn Arda. I haven't tried MOM out yet because I am running LINUX, but I have heard that many are having fun with it. Diam has to work on the program a little more, but I believe this program will be very popular. Good work Diam! I wish there will be something for LINUXnux users too...
    MUME Online Map:
  • For the fourth time the game calendar has reached the end of the Third Age. On the 30th of August the MUME clock was turned back to the year 2850 of the Third Age.
  • There is rumour about new rules for creating names. Are they more strict and how they are going to be used is not known?
  • Player Harad has moved to UAE.
  • Earendil (Va) has retired from working in Rohan.
  • Amandil (Ms) is now a Va.
  • Alkar (Vm) has unretired.
  • Birthdays: 15. September - Alkar, 16. September - Luininu, 21. September - Beran, 22. September - Sloshed, 24. September - Tharaphita, 25. September - Boldo, 2. October - Nator

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