Sept 5, 2001

  • There is some information that one or two more players from Czech are coming to Estonia for a week or two. Luke will come for sure as he stated himself, Pampalini is yet stuck with long working hours and schoolwork.
  • As you remember, i told you about the level race of trolls last time. The winner is yet not announced. Cele has reached level 56 too, while Devastator bounced off and on from that level, but still remained same. Due to the changes with the mandos sleep time, Devastator won't be seen a few more days.
  • I did a small questionnaire, asking what do players think of the possibility, that if they die, their char might get stuck for 3.5 days rl. Some agreed it is good if they don't have to spend insane time in Mandos Sleep, but same time, a question has risen up- what if the char what dies, is your only one? Is there any sense of putting it 'out of the game' for so long? Seems that 'longer' mandos sleep has taken place right after the changes, some people seem to have disappeared.
  • Zarhuk broke his arm during a sports activity. He has broken his arms before, so he thought he isnt going to the doctors. As i heard this from him, i insisted him to go. Silly as he was, he reluctantly said he will. And next day he comes to me and says: "You know what? The arm is broken:P!". As he is left-handed, and his left arm broke, he 'enjoys' school real much now, because he cannot write during the lessons.
  • A happy news for item desc readers- many new descriptions have been submitted for plain items. Lets hope they will be used also.
  • Player of Lancelot is going to Kenya soon, to practice his studies and to write his exam work on agroforestry and erosion(geology) . He will leave on 12th of september and be there for quite some months. He will be back in Sweden by november. Right now he is taking his malaria pills and reminds himself each day not to get bitten by mosquitoes there.
    With that he also told me a funny memory of one sign, leading from Zimbabwe to Malwi. "Always use a condom, especially when you are away from home" And the picture aside the text showing a man, waving to his wife and kids who are there to send ihm away, standing on the doorstep.
  • Grunge bought  himself a very own house on tuesday. It is with a big yard and roomy garage. Has a very nice dining room and 3 bedrooms. He is planning to move in at the end of this month, and start buying new furniture and refurnishing old things. New things would include a very own king-size bed and a 100 inch TV :)
  • Daryl is back from a vacation. He mostly stayed at home or at beach when the weather allowed, but now he is back to his mume addiction and school.
  • Did you know that the number ElvenRunes accounts and playerfiles are rising all the time? We are receiving new profiles every day. Since the People Profile section was opened there have been over 100 additions and updates.
  • I'm sure there are birthdays this week but if you don't send them I don't have them!

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