Submitted by: Voile

Manwe Sulimo once came to check upon some of his Maiar who were proofreading their first zone. They were arguing with Vaire the Weaver about wether it would be a tragedy for our mud if Stormblast and Mammoth would ever become a part of the management.

Being the older and most experienced, Manwe took the word and said: "Well.. first we need to define the word tragedy. Cause I'm not sure if this mud is important enough for us to be able to use the word 'tragedy'..."

Jahara quickly rose his voice and offered, "If my entire zone in Fangorn was lost just as i finished it due to a typo made by Vaire, now that would be a tragedy.."

"No,.." said Manwe, "That would be an accident."

After some thinking, Finwe took the word : "If Dain and Nienor decided to quit this game and let you handle the coding, now that would be a tragedy!"

"No,.. " said Manwe, "That would be a what we call a great loss."

The maiar grew silent, all of them thinking real hard. Manwe looked upon them, sighed and said: "Isn't there someone here who can think of a real tragedy?"

Finally , Voile who had been only observing quietly until now took the word, and said, "If yours, Fror's and Ilie's accounts were hacked, and the hacker stole the mud, leaving you without any access to making more changes without asking players first, then returned warpoints, changed flee back to normal, and removed those pesky hardened rangers, now that would be a tragedy.. right ?"

"Fantastic," said Manwe. "Thats right. And can you tell me why it would be a tragedy?"

"Well," said Voile, "Because it wouldnt be an accident, and it certainly wouldnt be a great loss."

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