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A list of active/semiactive players from the United States as of the Fall of 2002. 

West: Dos(WA), Thoren(OR), Jycherok(WA), Kiron(ID), Mushibag. MidWest: Lochdale(IL), Peru(IN), Jahara(IN), Aschit(IA), Shimmer(IL), Drooling(IL) Goretongue(IA), Chauncey (OH), Beleghir(MN), Echo(NE), Bubby(IA), Silwyth(CO), Deimus (CO), Vecna (IL), Ryalnos.


East:Conti(NJ), Gonfor(MA), Nerf (NY), Lowyn(NJ), Dristian(NY), Stavin, Rattus, Khelak, Curt , Kivor, Wave, Slardar, Waru, Aldweth, Milyiaza, Fingolan, Materia, Lessar, Horon, Cetra.
  MidSouth: Vaire, Tyrus(TX), Adara(TX), Dardhel(OK), Augur   SouthEast: Steele(FL), Caesar, Cuantar


Players listed volunteered their locations on an ElvenRunes ArgleBargle. This is by no means a comprehensive list of US players., 2003,
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