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Version Change Build Date

  • new build of powtty with a very minor change (Loden/Mint)
    05 Aug 2002
    • fixed #mark   (Axel)
      27 May 2002
    • fixed colors (e.g. attr "bold green", noattr etc)   (Axel)
      23 May 2002
    • tab completion now works (except in the middle of a line)
      8 November 2001
    • various fixes, removal of extraneous options
    • PowTTY now remembers its desktop location
      1 November 2001
    • various history fixes: one char commands are no longer in the history, repeating the last command does not create a new entry
    • #hist output is now more legible
    • typing #alias will now display that alias only
      28 August 2001
    • escaping back-slashes should work better now (history fix)
      23 July 2001
    • environemnt variables are now set more intelligently
      20 July 2001
    • Local Editing on MUME can be disabled
      17 July 2001
    • Mouse-wheel now works
      13 July 2001
    • Binding PgUp and Pgdn are now allowed
      21 June 2001
    • timer bugs fixed
    • fixed display bugs that occured when the input line was more than 2 full display lines
      11 June 2001
    • various display items - leaving extra lines, no line break after aliases, etc.
      6 June 2001
    • #print leaving extra space on next line
    • prompt output after a powwow command execution
      5 June 2001
    • command-line launch of a session
    • saving session information on exit
    • #init string is now executed at connect
      31 May 2001
    • Local editing will no longer update MUME if the file length or update time have not been modified.
    • is now the default server.
      30 May 2001

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