June 21, 2001

  • Last month, a MUME meeting was held in Stockholm, Sweden. Many people took part and had lots of fun. After the meeting, Gothmog has stated that Zaber is a good kisser! Go figure that out ...
  • This week's lesson: never follow a troll who is on suicide mission. Beastly The Kamikaze was fooling around in Old Fornost castle, several whities chasing him. He knew he was determined to death. Nevertheless, he mistyped, and fell to his death. But Fingeror jumped right after him, sensing and easy troll -kill. Morale: watch out with trolls!
  • Gathen has now finally graduated school, and also moved to a different state, getting a new job there.
  • Have you been in this situation before: behind the computer for hours, only lemonade for a drink and belly gurgling loudly? Here is a quick guide of what you should grab beside your keyboard, if you don't wish to die from starvation:
    Carrots - make you see your enemies better!
    Apples - keeps the juice running, giving you better moves!
    Oranges- strength, hit more!
    And a suggestion for not dying AFK while you really are in kitchen taking all this stuff out of your fridge: move your PC into kitchen.
  • Rza: A few Saturday nights ago at a crazy party I was at, I drank 26 beers and ripped 5 lines of speed. A personal record I hope never to break :( (This is what some people do with their free time from MUME.)
  • Teaser question: Who of the Mume-players has the most daughters in real life? Answer: Relim (he has 3 daughters)
  • Birthdays this Week: Belegor (Mc), 24th June; Brakk (Dwarf) 30th June.

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