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PowTTY is a MUD telnet client for PC/Windows, based on both PuTTY (telnet/ssh), and unix-based " powwow " (pure MUD). This combination offers the best of both worlds, being both fast and extremely customizeable, which means that any current powwow settings files can be used seamlessly.

PowTTY was written with the DIKU-based MUD MUME in mind.

Should any bugs be found, or if you simply with to provide some suggestions and/or feedback, please mail

  Updated: 2002-Aug-05

Download PowTTY!
Download the Source Code
Download the exclusive PowTTY Monospace font
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
View the powwow help document (text file)
(used for actions, marks, highlighting, etc)

Quick Start:

  • extract the file into the directory you wish to run from
  • launch PowTTY.exe
  • under the "Session" tab, set the Hostname and Port
  • under the "PowTTY" tab, set your desired temporary directory (default - c:\windows\temp)
    and local editor (default - c:\windows\notepad.exe)
  • under the "Session" tab, type in a Saved Sessions name (e.g. MUME) and click Save to allow PowTTY to save your configuration
  • click Open to connect!, 2003, View Site Credits. Give us your Feedback.