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  • New "Player Interview" section is live and the 1st Interview starring Dong is uploaded!

  • New Info Yay - we got someone taking care of Elvenrunes! p(Zintilden/Elizalde) will manage some of the administration stuff on this site. Be nice to her ;)

  • Play MUME through's webclient or download and use the MMapper.

Latest Video Interviews by Radagast the 1st...
MUME Questionnaire Results! Ft. Finwe
MUME Talk: Eru
BattleCast - Hey thats my house! (Nockurzh)


  • Arglebargle - Participate in ElvenRunes discussion forum.
  • Building on Mume - Updates on MUME's building projects as far as ER is informed of them.
  • Kuive in Endamar - Einalem Lothinya, the flower lady, has some tips, tales on RP.
  • Clans - An unofficial list of Clans on MUME and a bit about each.
  • Client Reviews - Information on some of the more popular clients used for playing MUME.
  • Client Scripts - A resource of scripts that can be used on MUME sorted by client.
  • Conversations - Interviews with MUME players and immortals.
  • Downloads - Download PowTTY or JMC.
  • Filming the Fellowship - Commentary and information on the LOTR films by Peter Jackson.
  • Blenda's Palantiri - MUME's unofficial news. Includes player birthdays, RL weddings, engagements and birth announcements, highest char level race and more!
  • History Analyser - Paste in your character histories and see how they stack up!
  • Humor - Submissions of MUD and Tolkien Humor by ER members.
  • Logs - ER's main player logs section.
  • Life on Arda - A series of fictional works based on MUME by Aschit.
  • Links - Links to places of interest to MUME and Tolkien fans.
  • MUME FAQ - A mirror of MUME's FAQ board.
  • Mumers around the World - A voluntary list of MUME players locations around the world, by country.
  • MUME Meetings - Annoucements of upcoming MUME meetings that are open to the public.
  • NameGenerator - A quick and rough random name generator by race and gender.
  • NSL - The history of one of the most notorious labs on MUME.
  • Profiles - ElvenRunes searchable player profiles and character descriptions.
  • PowTTY - The official homepage for the MUME client.
  • Site FAQ - ElvenRunes FAQ.
  • StatGen - ElvenRunes' stat generator.
  • Statistics - ElvenRunes site statistics.
  • Tales of Arda - Summaries of Tolkien by Niya and Naga. 
  • Tips and Advice - Tips on playing MUME submitted by players.
  • Tributes - Players nominate and share memories of Mumers they feel worth remembering.
  • Trent Truthsayer - A whimsical look at what horoscopes might be like for those living on Arda.

Features in Grey are not being updated at this time. They could however return in the future.

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