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A Young Wizard's Tale 
(A feature written by Naga)

Now, I shall tell thee the tale of a renowned Noldo elf.

His spirit was fierce, and much wisdom he seeked to gather.

On a young age, this elf began his journeys to learn magicks, wishing nothing less but to be the most skilled and to be known all over Arda. Alas, he found little to learn from the elven mages in the west. Thus from his small home near Mithlond, traversing the peace-loving countryside of the Shire, of which nothing interested him, at last he arrived in Breeland.

Much peril came to face him on these journeys, even encountering them vile Orcs and Evil Men from the east. Some of these battles were long and exhausting, as his enemies were often much more skilled and experienced as him. Yet the Valar were on his side always, and even at the brink of defeat, one final magic blast would startle his enemy and lead to victory. Upon finally finding the fair city of Imladris, home of his kind, he began training under Erestor, one of the most wise mages to be known on Arda.

As time passed, rarely many enemies could be found in the vicinity and those who dared were oblitirated or ran, never to come back. Feeling there was little more he could learn in Imladris, and few thrills, the now greatly skilled Elf thanked Elrond Half-Elven for his stay. The lord of Imladris could not persuade the young wizard to remain, yet would not let him leave without a gift. A tall horse, clad in mail was brought before him, trained in battle and much stronger, it would be a great help.

Visiting the Misty Mountains, where rumours talked of a large Orc-Tribe and ferocious wargs, the Elf found a large Vale and stood in wonder of the river Anduin. Upon gazing the landscape, suddenly a dark shadow came over him. Quickly turning he casted a flashing spell, hoping to blind whatever foe was to assail him. A shock came over him as he saw a great amount of large wolf-life creatures, each of them ridden by a well-armoured Orc. Ever outnumbered, he fought bravely yet stepped too many paces backwards. He fell into the Anduin and was quickly whirled away southwards, hitting quite some sharp rocks. The last he noticed was a swallow in the sky, then all went black.

As the young Elf opened his eyes, the face of a great black wolf-creature, which we all know as Wargs, stared at him. Panicking totally, he screamed and tried to run, quickly starting incantations to defend himself with all his might. A loud laughing noise could be heard, as a tall Man stood before him, holding the head of what once was a fierce creature. "No worries, my house is safe!", he said. Leaving the room through a door to the north for a moment, the Man came back with a large bowl of soup and talked. The Elf learned this Man was Beorn, a famous creature that had the power to turn into a huge and ferocious bear and how he had watched the young Noldo fight the most dangerous wargpack ever. Deep into the night they exchanged stories, one of them a common one. Khazad-Dum or as usually called Moria.

A jade Amulet was given to the Elf by his parting, of which his kin would know he was always welcome in these regions. The Elf bowed and took his leave. He looked up into the sky and prayed to the Valar, for them to help him as he was lost and could not find his way. Hours he waited, yet suddenly a glint could be seen from the sky and a large Eagle landed close by him.

The Eagle nodded towards the young Elf, and spoke with a clear voice: "Great are your deeds and kind is your heart. I shall take thee where thee desire, but do not tarry as I wish not to linger here too long."

The Noldo carefully climbed upon the back of the Eagle and asked if it could take him to Moria. The Eagle shrieked, "Moria I shall not go, as even I, descendant of Thorondor know fear. Yet if you persist, I shall land near the gates." The Elf agreed to this, and soon he was standing before the Western Gate.

Many rumours the young Elf had heard about the place, yet he would not relent. After entering and barely avoiding the Watcher, the Noldo stood in the dark, the only light coming from his tall staff, its top shimmering in many colours.

Small creatures he only would find, such as snakes and bats. Quickly disposed of, he explored the vast mines. Suddenly, he heard a noise and dived behind a large boulder. The noise came closer and closer until he suddenly saw an immense group of orcs. One tall Uruk bonked upon a set of drums, a loud sound echoing through the mines. The same wargs he had seen in the Vale were sniffing around and deep in the young Elf's heart started the prayer that they would not find him. Fortunatly, they did not and hurrying the patrol continued to the east.

Crawling from behind the rock, the relieved Noldo noticed a small passageway. Thinking the patrol could came back, he quickly ran towards it and only a few meters into the passage, he treaded to another halt. Trolls! Never had he seen such creatures nor did he think there would be so many! Hundreds of trolls to be seen, some of them fighting each other, larger types hurdling with an enormous number of small trolls.

A small click was heard, and upon turning around, the Elf saw a huge boulder rolling towards him. The Noldo smirked. "Oh bugger." 

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