July 5, 2001

  • Last night, when all my mume family was sound asleep, burglars came into our house through the kitchen window. They stole my kid's books, my husbands bike, and some more of our family's valuables. They spilled everything, and left a 100 kr bill in my husbands wallet as a laugh, since he had no any cash at home. And now little Grinder jr. sits all lunch breaks at home, waiting for daddy who has no time to come home since he lost his vehicle :( Burglars suck. Any of you who has tried or wants to try to steal ANYthing in your life... think twice before you do it, think about this pain you will cause!

    (Editors Note: If anyone has any ideas for Liliah about getting a new bike for her husband please send her a mail)

  • Rumour has it that Elistan has found a new sweetheart on mume. He reflects it in his titles but at the same time is very close-mouthed about it though there is a certain lady accompaning him sometimes.. Now.. who might it be?
  • Since 30. june p(Moosh) is a married man RL. Darkun was the best man. The wedding ceremony was held in Jakobstad, Finland and the party in nearby Kållby, home of the bride's family. It all went very well, especially for Burst who found a great number of new best friends.(Regards to Forin for this valuable info.)
  • I think many of you have often wondered: what is behind the letter combination NSL ? I am not sure who stated it first, but meaning of it has been newbie swede lab. Newbie probably because they all were in secondary school yet, not in the
    university as the majority of the mume players. They all studied in the same school, although different classes. The people who belonged into NSL, were: Tomek, Devran, Alexander, Bobbie, Per, Frances, Jeremy, Götet, Majere, Hanner, Glob and Viggo. For now, most of them have finished school and went on to study more, in some University. Two people- Zaber and Galadon have chosen to go to the army, and this is where they are now.
  • Player of Granvil is soon finishing in getting his PhD in visual science -cross between optometry and psychology. Sounds difficult, doesn't it?
  • Leetah now has her second degree: she is a bachelor of arts in liberal studies.
  • Player of Reef is leaving his home country -Australia, in a few weeks. He will be gone for 7 months, visiting China, Central Asia, Central America, England and Netherlands. If you are there, and catch him, say 'hello' from me, since i doubt i will reach China or Asia in my little lifetime. For those of you who ar desperateto see him - there might be another trip to Europe, United States and Canada next year. We wish you many untrodden paths, eef!
  • This week's birthday boy is Chicken (Mb) He will reach the 1/4 of century of age on 8.July. Happy birthday!

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