June 28, 2001

  • I don't know how many of you spend a folklore day called Midsummer's Eve... This time I will let you know how all those famous and infamous Estonian players celebrate it, and a little about this festivity's background. It is a very old tradition.
    On Midsummer's Eve, there are lots of folklore games throughout the whole day. In the evening, there usually is a big bonfire, people singing, playing and dancing. And lets not forget the most important part: eating and drinking :-) The main food has always been pork cooked on the coals of the bonfire, and home-made beer (the best choice). There used to be an old game involved with the bonfire, I unfortunately don't know if anyone does that: there was a competition of jumping over the bonfire.. the higher it was, the better the jumper was. One thing that has always been in the place the bonfire takes place: a big swing made out of wood. It usually fits more than 10 people, sometimes even more. The fun is to get the swing to a round circle, at a point leaving the swingers upside down. Who can make the most  circles, will be the winner team. As the Midsummers Eve and Day have always been rainy, very many people stay in. Most mumers will find it a bliss, so they can just  sit home and play.. Others who defy the falling rain, stay close to fire and boast about their latest mume kills... All in all - it is a time well spent.
  • A teaser question: Who of all the troll players has had the most trolls and also the most sundeaths? Answer: Devastator. He has had 17 trolls, which have all come down in front of yellow eye. And has some growing which i leave for you to find out, who they are.
  • Finwe has graduated the university on science. He started to study chemical engineering but that wasnt quite his cup of tea, so he switched to science. He also celebrates his birthday July 1. 
  • Ren is going to  Denmark for a vacation soon. Lets wish her many sunny days!

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