July 12, 2001

  • I think many of you have wondered how can there be so many Maias in Mume. Nobody quite knows who is who, so i will aquaint you to some of the newest of them here.
    Today we are talking about Ender ...He heard about muds from his friends. They were constantly talking about them, and one day someone asked: do you know mume? Ofcourse he did not. Sitting in the computer class, Ender peeked over their shoulders and got the address. At that time all his friends were using the java client through website... Intent as they were, noone paid attention to Ender, finally someone said that if he wants to play, he has to pray to a town. Five minutes later he was in Fornost. Going home that day, he read every single help file there was, just to know more. He didnt tell his friends he is playing and revealed his character when it was already high enough to be surprised about it.. If not mistaken, he has been among us for two years. Ender lives in California, and is also going to a 5 day vacation.
  • Did you know, that due to the ornated-weapon change wich includes them non- poisoning weapons anymore, there are going to happen some changes among the players also. Many ornated warhammer users will, and others already have changed their weaponskill. This means - poisoning will not stop.
  • Harad sprained his finger a week ago. He was playing basketball, and one other team's guy spun around, coming towards him. Harad tried to steal the ball, but his finger was hit tat the same time, pressed between him and his opponent for a while. He went to doctor, got x-rayed, waited for two hours just to know it is a sprain. And a damn hurting one. By the time this story will be up for you to read, i am sure he already feels a lot better.
  • You probably have thought enough times, who is that Harmony person? Is it a she or he? Is it serious about the stuff it sings? Here i collected some words said about her...
    • "I hope for her own sake that she is really a female".
    • "Definitely male!"
    • " I think this is Draught multiplaying, sounds a lot like him!"
    • " I bet it is really Phier. Noone can be so sick and twisted, and at the same time remain funny.."
    • " It is Gothmog trying to tease Manwe, i am sure."
    • " Harmony is a she and she is 16 years old. Exactly how she looks like."
    • When i did the poll, the she and he votes were more or less fifty-fifty. I guess this here will not help you in finding the truth out, you have to do it yourself. But i am sure it at least got you a little closer...maybe
  • This weeks' birthday hero is Graven , celebrations take place on 19th of july!
  • Latest promotions: Leetah, Belegor and Gwaywffon have all reached the Mb status for the excellent work they have done. They are all workers on the Rohan area.

(Editors Note: Liliah was also promoted to assist in the Vale of Anduin)

Also, I would be happy to receive new updates of all the profiles of the MUME-players. Since time has gone by, interests have changed, and people have aged .. please feel free to load me (liliah@elvenrunes.com) with your new pics and profile updates!

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