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This is an ElvenRunes Monthly Feature written by Kelen, edited by Vaire and published on the 15th of each Month.

While many of are just idling away or off chasing orcs or elves. This column will fill you in about the people behind the characters, glimpses into their real life adventures and a bit about news, events and trends in this game we play called MUME.

If you have any events, news anniversaries, birthdays or anything else you would like everyone to know mail: kelen@elvenrunes.com.

April 05

  • The MUME Adviser says: Those who use "Joke" also use "Death Trap" ;) Well I thought I would start this months Palantiri off with a laugh! This month seems to have whizzed past and I seem to have hardly had a moment to myself. I finally managed to get one of my characters to finish the Istar quest and she can now be found in Ainu land either slumming it in the Sauna or gambling away my hard earned money with one of the many dealers up there. Funny how the Immos that have their own little place in the world seem to like nothing better than kicking back and relaxing! :) Well sit back and relax in the steam in the rest of this months Palantiri!
    Well TTFN guys! See you all next month!


  • The Glowstick nominations have been taking place this month, so if you have seen any great logs make sure you either nominate it or vote for it and maybe you could get it awarded a prize. If you have some great logs of your own...nominate those too...after all what have you to loose...except maybe your pride.
  • Mini-Mume meeting on Friday 29th of April in Stockholm. Anyone interested should contact Ling or Luke and/or post on the web-board! Im not sure if this is just a meeting for the short of stature Mumers or just a little meeting, but which-ever way with Luke, Ling and a few beers involved, a good time should be had by all!
  • I have been asked by a good friend of mine to put in a mention to you all that if you see any cheating going on, to make sure that you let someone know about it. Send a mail to a V+ with all the details and if possible a log of what happened. Cheating - its not right - its not fair, but unless you do something about it then it will keep happening and quite possibly drive the good and honest players away.
  • Anyone who wishes to see their birthday listed, please let me know if so all can celebrate in your getting older and hopefully wiser. Happy Birthday to you all anyway.
The Highest Level*
Orc-Tark Norsu/Azazello
, 100
Elf Elestir, 97

Man Lowyn, 92

Half-elf Zaber, 84

Hobbit Reno, 75

Dwarf Erebos, 80

Troll Secret, 69

BN Woland , 83

Orc-Zaug Nazghul, 73

Beorning** Antar and Fayth, 55

Oldest Mortal (still played)

Elf Angus,  Feb. 1993

Man Blaise, CApril 1993


Hobbit Mouser, Jan. 1994

Dwarf Grinder, CJuly. 1993





Most TPs (evil races)
Orc-Tark Smirthlav,  1,100,000


BN OscarMeyer,  1,000,000

Orc-Zaug Malus,  600,000

*Unofficial data, Still played defined as played in last 90 days, Ranger of the Month based on nomination. To submit any data mail feedback@elvenrunes.com.

The Unofficial Ranger List

Havish (retired)
Wenwalme (retired)

*Unofficial data, If you would like to be added or removed from this list please send an e-mail with all appropriate details to kelen@elvenrunes.com

  • NEWS 2159 - Aprils fools joke. Morgoth took over - blood corpses and destruction!
  • NEWS 2161 - April 2nd - Its all right - all back to normal! :p
  • NEWS 2162 - Not a clue what this is about...maybe I will find out soon!
  • If you have any news, events or anything you want to tell the MUMEing world about please feel free to either Mume mail me or e-mail me at kelen@elvenrunes.com!

    • Maia Promotions:Shalott competed the Istar quest (Yay me!) and Borne also became a Maia this month, taking only about a week to complete the task!

    • Levels: Lowyn has reached the mighty level of 92, but Elestir is now only 3 levels from the top spot. Woland has managed to get to level 83 for which he has my utmost respect as I dont seem to be able to get my BN's above about level 6!

    • Ranger Promotions:Well done to Kayel, There's a new ranger in town and he wears Pink!
    • Birthdays: Vainamoinen 5th of April; Isryn 13th of April;Atastor 22nd of April; Liliah 25th of April; Timbaldron 30th of April

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