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This is an ElvenRunes Monthly Feature written by Kelen, edited by Vaire and published on the 15th of each Month.

While many of are just idling away or off chasing orcs or elves. This column will fill you in about the people behind the characters, glimpses into their real life adventures and a bit about news, events and trends in this game we play called MUME.

If you have any events, news anniversaries, birthdays or anything else you would like everyone to know mail: kelen@elvenrunes.com.

March 05

  • Quote from last month: Well spring is in the air here in the UK - I spotted the first baby lambs in the fields and the Daffodils are starting to show their yellow heads!
    How wrong I was! Within 24 hours of writing this I was informed that the weather in the UK was taking a turn for the worse, we then spent the next week digging ourselves out of SNOW! Hey ho! Im sure it really is spring now...but dont blame me if it isnt! ;)

    Well I have now graduated - I gained my Diploma in Computing form Oxford University, in fact it came in the post this morning, and as I write its sitting proudly on top of my monitor for all to see!

    Happy easter to all of you who celebrate this in whatever way you can. Me I will be celebrating the fact that people will be buying me chocolate, that we get bank holidays off for a break from work and that british summer time starts soon! Roll on Summer!
    Well TTFN guys! See you all next month!


  • There have been an awful lot of stories about people leaving mume - and sometimes ER has become a bit of a negative place. Here on the Palantiri I want to try to stay as possitive as possible. In an effort to do this, I would like to know if you have come back to mume after a while away. Let us know what you have been doing in the interim and why you came back. If you have, please feel free to MUME mail me, or to send me an e-mail.
    If you have any good news or ideas for the Palantiri please feel free to tell me about them and I will tell everyone else!
  • Mini-Mume meeting on Friday 29th of April in Stockholm. Anyone interested should contact Ling or Luke and/or post on the web-board! Im not sure if this is just a meeting for the short of stature Mumers or just a little meeting, but which-ever way with Luke, Ling and a few beers involved, a good time should be had by all!
  • There will also at some point be a UK MUME meet, just as soon as I get around to arranging this.
  • Anyone who wishes to see their birthday listed, please let me know if so all can celebrate in your getting older and hopefully wiser. Happy Birthday to you all anyway.
  • A small mention I think is due for Lokomotiva for being on the warlords list at level 6! Oh and a comiseration too for sunning in the first place!
    Also thanks to all those invloved in the Troll raid on the BM's! I think that all those invloved had a great time - even those who died. Was the most amusing thing to happen in MUME for a while IMHO ;)
The Highest Level*
Orc-Tark Norsu/Azazello
, 100
Elf Elestir, 96

Man Lowyn, 90

Half-elf Zaber, 84

Hobbit Reno, 75

Dwarf Erebos, 80

Troll Secret, 69

BN Woland , 81

Orc-Zaug Nazghul, 73

Beorning** Antar, 55

Oldest Mortal (still played)

Elf Angus,  Feb. 1993

Man Blaise, CApril 1993


Hobbit Mouser, Jan. 1994

Dwarf Grinder, CJuly. 1993





Most TPs (evil races)
Orc-Tark Smirthlav,  1,100,000


BN OscarMeyer,  1,000,000

Orc-Zaug Malus,  600,000

*Unofficial data, Still played defined as played in last 90 days, Ranger of the Month based on nomination. To submit any data mail feedback@elvenrunes.com.

The Unofficial Ranger List

Havish (retired)
Wenwalme (retired)

*Unofficial data, If you would like to be added or removed from this list please send an e-mail with all appropriate details to kelen@elvenrunes.com

  • There have been rumors abound about missing apprentices and horrible experiments being carried out! Anyone wanting to find out more should go to Ost-in-Edhil!
  • Doors in Mume have changed. Those doors needing a key to get in now have an internal latch system, so you can get out again more easily!
  • Shopkeepers will no longer buy items that they can not wield themselves (so evil items can't be sold in good towns and vice versa)
  • Many people have explored the new zones around Isengard, are you one of them? If not go check MUME's latest expansion.
  • If you have any news, events or anything you want to tell the MUMEing world about please feel free to either Mume mail me or e-mail me at kelen@elvenrunes.com!

    • Maia Promotions:

    • Levels: Lots of levels again this month Elestir is now only 4 levels away from 100 and Lowyn is hot on his heals with 90 levels to her name! Malus has replaced Sardaukar as the orc with the highest TPs.

    • Birthdays: There might have been some...who knows the list seems to have been lost in the ether! Happy Birthday to all of you who are celebrating this month!

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