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This is an ElvenRunes Monthly Feature written by Kelen, edited by Vaire and published on the 15th of each Month.

While many of are just idling away or off chasing orcs or elves. This column will fill you in about the people behind the characters, glimpses into their real life adventures and a bit about news, events and trends in this game we play called MUME.

If you have any events, news anniversaries, birthdays or anything else you would like everyone to know mail:

July 05

  • Well the start of this month has been full of mixed emotions. It started off well in the UK with the massive peaceful protest that was Live 8, some amazing live music in many different countries all trying to raise awareness of poverty. Then London won the bid for the Olympics in 2012 - there was a real party atmosphere in the UK. However as you are probably all aware that was halted abruptly with the bombings in London. The death toll is still rising and the current count is 53 dead and hundreds wounded. However if anything it has brought many sections of the community together in an effort to catch the mass murderers and those behind the attacks. It has brought an odd sense of belonging to many people living in London who had previously felt disjointed. Many of the people I know who were caught up in London at the time have spoken of it almost becoming a 'nicer place to be' even with the heightened security. Im sure that we all send our heart felt sympathies to the families of those who died in the blasts and hope that those who did this will receive the justice that they deserve.

    I then celebrated my birthday - having a great time and a really good haul of presents :D I had a great day! Now I just have to start preparing for pCelint birthday in a weeks time :p He has asked for jelly and ice cream and a big cake!

    *Wave* and *Hugs* until next month!


  • Well done to YPSILON this month who snuck up on the ranks to be the first non Orc to reach level 100!Ypsilon the Still Wind of the Underdark is a level one hundred Noldorin Quickblade. Im sure that the darkies are breathing a little easier now he has joined the ranks of the true legends and can rest assured of his place in MUME history. However Im sure that he will be back with someone just as deadly soon!

  • The new season of Hat-Trick has kicked off - and it should be a doozy (Translation - very good)! For anyone who is interested in the beautiful game you can sign up at The early predictions - are that pNamo's team are looking strong and my sources are telling me they are tipped for the top spot this season. Good luck to all of you and let me know how the season pans out!

  • The players of MUME are fed up with taking the mickey out of each other and are now trying to take each others money too. Some of them have started up a Poker Touney that they hope will become a regular event. Anyone interested in trying to win or loose some money to your fellow players should have a look at the Arglebarlge boards for more details of when where and how etc.

  • Happy birthday too everyone who is celebrating this month! Anyone who wishes to see their birthday listed, please let me know if so all can celebrate in your getting older and hopefully wiser. Please also forgive me if you tell me when Im playing when your birthday is (Sorry Hanne *blush*)- please can you either MUME mail me the details or send an e-mail to the above address as I have a memory like a sieve!

The Highest Level*
Orc-Tark Norsu/Azazello
, 100
Elf Ypsilon, 100

Man Lowyn, 97

Half-elf Zaber, 85

Hobbit Reno, 75

Dwarf Erebos, 80

Troll Secret, 69

BN Woland , 83

Orc-Zaug Nazghul, 73

Beorning** Fayth, 56

Oldest Mortal (still played)

Elf Angus,  Feb. 1993

Man Blaise, CApril 1993


Hobbit Mouser, Jan. 1994

Dwarf Grinder, CJuly. 1993





Most TPs (evil races)
Orc-Tark Smirthlav,  1,100,000


BN OscarMeyer,  1,000,000

Orc-Zaug Malus,  600,000

*Unofficial data, Still played defined as played in last 90 days, Ranger of the Month based on nomination. To submit any data mail

The Unofficial Ranger List



*Unofficial data, If you would like to be added or removed from this list please send an e-mail with all appropriate details to

  • FIRST ER MUME MEET! To help promote and help to make the game a bit more fun we here at Elven Runes are having a MUME Meet. As there are so many of us from so many places around the world we are going to have it online. It will be held over the weekend of the 10th and 11th of September from noon (12pm GMT) on the Saturday to noon on the Sunday - to allow as many time zones as possible to get together. The meeting point will be the Seagull inn in Grey Havens. Please check the Arglebargle board for more details. Hope to see you all there, and if you can bring a friend too!
  • Czech Summer MUME meet! 23rd to 30th of July. After the resounding success of the winter one, Freya is doing it again - this time with less snow! If you are interested please go and register with their site!
  • UK MUME meet Well after the lack of response from the brits we have decided to have a pub meet on the 30th of July. If you want further details please MUME Mail me or email me to the elven runes address below.
  • If you have any news, events or anything you want to tell the MUMEing world about please feel free to either Mume mail me or e-mail me at!

    • Maia Promotions:*shrug* search me - I don't know?! Were there any?

    • Levels:Well the big news was of course Ypsilon gaining level 100! Well done again! Lowyn has gained another couple of levels bringing her equal with Elestir both on level 97. Can Lowyn make it to the first Human to reach level 100?

    • Dont know if there were any ranger promotions this month - if you have been promoted please let me know! I would love to sing your praises from the Palantiri!

    • Birthdays:16. July - Materia, 17. July- Faint, 21. July- Namo, 22. July- Celint, 24. July- Moonshade, Tinrar, 30. July- Daryl and Cele, 31. July- Najade, 4. August - Hana, 6. August - Grumble, 8. August - Zhuk, 15. August - Uinen

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