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This is an ElvenRunes Monthly Feature written by Blenda, edited by Vaire and published each Month.

While many of are just idling away or off chasing orcs or elves. This column will fill you in about the people behind the characters, glimpses into their real life adventures and a bit about news, events and trends in this game we play called MUME.

If you have any events, news anniversaries, birthdays or anything else you would like everyone to know mail:

Greetings Strangers!

Before I start I'd just like to wish pCelint good luck. The poor bloke has to fend off lots of sexy (That can be debated though) Goth nurses for about 2 weeks. Good luck buddy and don't let them Goths get a hold of you! You know Kelen would beat you green and blue if they did! ;)

I apologize for the long delay but fear not! There is a valid reason as to why this column is running late. Vaire was on taking a trip to Mecca (Microsoft/Seattle) for ages! Blame her! I know I did! I am extremely (!) excited about this column as I have so much to tell you about. So without further ado, let's get started.

April 2006

  • The first of April came and went without any big surprises in my life. Only managed to get tricked once by the evil Goths in my house in UK (damn them to hell!). Otherwise the only radical change was what happened to Mume. The whole StarWars universe decided to invade and for 24 hours we faced Stormtroopers, Jedis, Siths, Wookies and watched tie fighters fly by.

  • As you know the Glowsticks have been going on for the past 3 weeks and after a bit of a slow start things are starting to peak up. You still have plenty of time as I won't be closing it for another month or so but go find the logs now! Obey! The structure
    of the very fabric of time depends on the immediate success of your log
    finding skills. Or something like that...

  • There has been a huge change to mume since my last column. There is now a new Flee system which I am sure you have all no doubt noticed. When you flee from a room, you
    now see in which direction you fled. Logical in a sense, but does it ruin
    the gameplay?
    That's not for me to say but keep debating on the flee thread on Elvenrunes!

  • Another change has been made, and frankly, I am not even going to try to
    explain it as I don't understand anything. Something to do with Mume and XML Output. Apperently it's supposed to make life easier? I am not sure what on earth is going on but head on over to the XML output thread to find out more!

The Highest Level*
Orc-Tark Norsu/Azazello
, 100
Elf Ypsilon, 100

Man Lowyn, 100

Half-elf Zaber, 85

Hobbit Reno, 75

Dwarf Erebos, 80

Troll Secret, 69

BN Woland , 83

Orc-Zaug Nazghul, 73

Beorning** Fayth, 57
Oldest Mortal (still played)

Elf Angus,  Feb. 1993

Man Blaise, CApril 1993


Hobbit Mouser, Jan. 1994

Dwarf Grinder, CJuly. 1993

Troll Trix   April 1994;




Most TPs (evil races)
Orc-Tark Shake,  64,000,000

BN OscarMeyer,  1,000,000

Orc-Zaug Malus,  600,000

*Unofficial data, Still played defined as played in last 90 days, Ranger of the Month based on nomination. To submit any data mail

The Unofficial Ranger List



*Unofficial data, If you would like to be added or removed from this list please send an e-mail with all appropriate details to

  • Another reason for this column being so late is that I wanted to include the Mini Mume Meeting that took place in Stockholm on the 15th of April (last Saturday). The reason for this meeting was that Luke had taken the bus from Czech to come visit me... *cough*
    So I put on my makeup (Although Luke was highly disappointed that it didn't show so well) and we all met at a place called Helene's Krog och Bar. Me, pRazoor, pLing, pLuke, pAmandil, pHorus and after a lot of whining, pZaber. (Takes him freakin ages to get ready.)
    pAmandil's girlfriend was there once again, she has never missed a mume meeting in Stockholm and I think she was really excited beforehand!!! Everyone except pRazoor and me ordered food as we both had eaten beforehand but I still ended up eating from three plates in the end. (What do you expect? Free food. You know you're the same!). With a beer in each hand we began discussing the various topics of life, Mume, Mume, more Mume and Online Casinos.
    And cheating. But the less said about that the better. *nod self*
    After a bit, Luke and Ling brought out their "Hallonsaft" which actually was red absinth. I am a ok drinker (already started a thread about me not seeing the point in getting wasted :p) but that Absinth really burned my throat. I had a bottle at home years before but this really burned. Sadly they only brought very little and by the end of the night
    me and pRazoor were demanding more. It really grows on you that stuff. Or it could of been that we were drunk and didn't feel our livers bleeding.
    The meeting had a downside though. It was a huge blow for the people
    fighting for equality between women and men. I do believe everyone should be equal although Ling almost shattered my beliefs into tiny pieces. Not only did she manage to break Lukes camera, she freakin
    broke MINE as well! She only had it for less than 5 minutes as well. Damn newbie Ling. Women and technology... Stay in the kitchen! (editor's note: This from Blenda who needs me to convert all this stuff from notepad to HTML every month, cause he's not got a clue about it!) The meeting ended at 2 am and it was lucky pHorus had a friend who picked him up... He was in pretty bad shape! All in all a very good night *glare Ling*

  • Once again I ventured out amongst the mudders to ask them a truely gruely question: Have you ever tried to quit mume?

    Störan - Yeah, I've actually tried to quit several times but I've always
    been brought back. What brought me back was my friends who play the game and it's always tempting to logon and pk some, this game is a curse!

    Ling - I have never tried to quit mume although I have had several long
    periods of time when I've quit playing mortal chars. This was mainly due to the game not being as fun anymore, but I've always logged immortal now and then, to keep in touch with my friends on mume.

    Diamonium - Neverful now I need a cigarette :P’It's all about being social and people know what a freak I am (It's true!) and they accept me, and I feel free here. And it's also a chance for me to be evil! Of course the game gets boring after 7 years of playing, the game is boring but the social aspect never dies. I invest in people - not
    numbers... *And off he goes to find the lowbie that killed loremaster*

    Feagil - I quit whenever I found something better to do and when it wasn't better anymore, I came back. This time apperently the alternative activities have stayed better than mume :)

  • We have a new ranger to add to our lists! Rercyn has now joined the ranks of the helpful rangers! Good luck and help those new players! They sure need it! (Least I did)

  • What a lot of players have in common on mume is the fact that the social
    aspect of the game is very important. I often find that the community bitches and whines alot but underneath the pettiness we're all extremely socialable and likable people. Two great examples for this are the regular mume meetings and a thread that was recently created on elvenrunes. The meetings have proven that we all get along really well together and that we can set aside the fact that player X overkilled me last night. (Always that damn pesky player X!) And the responses to the "Teach me how to PK" thread really thrilled me. Extremely detailed and honest answers from lots of players... It really does show how strong the mume community is and I find it great! I've learned an incredible lot by just reading and lots of effort has been put into some of the posts
    which is fantastic!

  • And speaking of fantastic... 18900 comments on the spam thread. Mind
    boggling when you think about it!

  • Lastly the pink is to annoy Blenda for his Girls and Technology comment!

  • Birthdays: 21. March - Zarhuk, 25. March - Perrin, 26. March - Njaa, 29.
    March - Uriond and Eolung 05. April - Vainamoinen 22. April - Atastor, 24. April - Lorduk and Velgular 25. April - Liliah, 30. April - Timbaldron


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